What is FoxPro?

A DBMS (Database Management System) is a set of tools that help in managing information stored in a database. FoxPro is a Relational Database Management System. The term relational means a relationship can be established between multiple table of a related data, where a table is nothing but an organized collection of related data.

Basic Features of FoxPro:-

  1. Creating a database.
  2. Adding data to the database.
  3. Editing existing data stored in the database.
  4. Removing information from the database.
  5. Searching for and retrieving information from the database using a powerful tool called a RQBE (Relational Query By Example)
  6. Creating a customized data entry form by using Screen Builders tool.
  7. Creating designing and printing attractive reports that list, group or summarize the information stored in the database.
  8. Creating a label designing to send mailers to the students appealing them of their performance.

Command Window is the FoxPro system window which after starting FoxPro automatically becomes the active window. The method of selecting options from menu pop-ups is similar to typing the FoxPro commands in the command window.

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