Hotels: A Top Culprit for Identity Theft

Identity theft can happen anywhere; the local grocery store, at home or online. However a major culprit for identity theft just so happens to be hotels.

Your Hotel Room

Hotels provide criminals a safe haven and many opportunities to steal anyone’s identity. It is vital that travelers are aware of the dangers that hotels can place on identity theft. Many areas of a hotel can be unsecured and can cause travelers major stress and problems in their life if their identity is stolen. Below are a few tips to help you know what areas should be of major concern during a hotel stay.

Computer Information

A major issue with identity theft and hotels is computer information. Think about it; a hotel has a large database that houses a great deal of information. Hundreds, if not thousands and millions of names can be located in a hotel database, as well as addresses, email addresses, credit card information and more. If this information gets into the wrong hands, it can be detrimental to one’s mental health as well as wealth. Hotels are supposed to have security measures in place to help avoid this issue. It is important to understand the hotel’s security measures when it comes to your personal information so you do not have your identity stolen.

Wallet or Purse

Another cause for identity theft can be the fault of the traveler. One’s wallet or purse should always be kept on their person. However, sometimes this is not the case. When traveling, one can get comfortable, especially when at a hotel for a few days. A purse may be placed on the ground or a wallet on a counter. The item can then easily be stolen and then you will lose your cash, your ID and any credit cards inside. It is essential that you hold on to these items as closely as you possibly can.


When we travel, we always carry luggage. It may be just a small bag or a large collection of suitcases, but we all carry something. It is important to make sure that you do not keep personal information inside your luggage. Keep only the essentials that have no ties to your personal information. Your luggage can be stolen from your room, in some instances, or gone through by a staff member. It is important to know the security measures in the hotel and make sure that the hotel does not have a habit of losing luggage or other items.

Wi-Fi Connection

Another major culprit of hotel identity theft is the Wi-Fi connection. Most hotels offer a Wi-Fi connection for travelers to enjoy. This connection can be the sole reason that a traveler can have their identity stolen. A Wi-Fi connection must be secure. If a connection is not secure, then a hacker can have access to your personal information. Hotels, by law, must provide accurate protection for an internet connection. Be sure to speak with the hotel before arrival about the security precautions in place for the wireless connection. It is also best to stay away from personal details while online during your hotel stay to hopefully avoid anyone gaining access to detrimental information.

Essentially, it is best to stay alert, even though you may be relaxing. Anytime you visit a hotel you need to stay secure, as your identity depends on it!

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