Create an Account with Gmail – Google’s Free Email Service

There are a plethora of free email services available these days to choose from, but the best of the lot and my favorite free email service is Gmail. I’ve been using Gmail since my starting days using internet and never had any complaints what-so-ever. GMAIL - Free Email Service by Google Gmail is a flagship product of Google and one of the best free email services you can always count on. Emailing using Gmail can be intuitive, efficient, and most importantly, a lot of fun and addictive. Given here below are some of the salient features you can avail using Gmail:

  • Less Email Spam

    Google’s innovative technology efficiently blocks the spam mails and keeps these unwanted messages out of your inbox.

  • High Storage Space

    Gmail is bundled with enough storage so that you’ll never have to delete another message and limit your inbox to buckle under limited space.

  • Built-in Real Time Chat

    Being a Gmail user, text or video chat with your friends in real time is a breeze and adds to your fun time hanging with your friends on Gmail.

  • Gmail for Mobile

    Mobile access for Gmail is also made available for free, enabling you to check your email on your mobile phone whenever you want. All you’ve to do is – visit the url on your phone’s browser and start getting email wherever you are. The mobile access service is made available for BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows Mobile and other devices.

If you’re already using other email services and now wanted to switch to Gmail and enjoy its innovative features, you need not add your contacts again as you are provided with the option to import your contacts and emails from other email services like Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo! or any other web mail or POP accounts.

So, here is my open invitation to you to create an account with Gmail, and to get me notified of your Gmail presence so that we can stay in touch, please add me at


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