How to Backup and Download Your Google+ Data Using Google Takeout

Brought to you by The Data Liberation Front, Google Takeout is an excellent service that allows you to backup and download data on your Google products effortlessly in just one click.


Using Takeout you can save your data from services like Google Buzz, Google+ Circles and Contacts, Picasa Web Albums, Google Profile as well as content from your Google Buzz and Plus One (+1s) if you have these enabled on your account.

Here is how you can liberate your data stored within Google products using takeout:

  1. Go to sign-in with your email and password.
  2. Choose ‘All of your data’ option on the top and click Create Archive.

    Alternatively, you can also select services of your choice from ‘Choose services’ option and then click Create Archive.

  3. Download your archived files. The archived data is made available to download within one week, so keep a check on ‘Available until:’ data and time for your archived files.
    download completed archive using Google Takeout

The downloadable backup is in the .ZIP format in which

  • Your contacts are organized as per the names you’ve given to your Circles and saved as .VCF vCard files. Standard programs that open .VCF files include Microsoft Windows Contacts, Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Microsoft outlook Express.
  • Picasa Web Albums are organized by your album names or posted date.
  • +1s list is given in a html file and your Buzz posts are archived as .html pages.
  • Your Stream info is archived as .html web-pages which include re-shared posts, images and comments.

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