Start Your Channel on YouTube – Google’s Free Video-Sharing Website

One can start a channel on YouTube easily and upload their originally created videos made with their creative skills. For that it is enough if we possess a webcam and microphone, we can start a YouTube channel using our Gmail Account or Google Account details to sign in to YouTube.

One can become quite famous on YouTube even recording stupid videos using a webcam and microphone. Karen Alloy with over 218,982 subscribers to her YouTube Channel spricket24 is a shining example.
Comedienne Karen Alloy on YouTube. Karen Alloy YouTube Channel

Entering into our YouTube home page – ‘My Channel’, first we have to enter the the name of the channel and set the account type. Next we can add channel art, channel description and a channel trailer.
RamaRao bobby YouTube Channel -
Now clicking on the Upload, we can upload the recorded video and can be shared on YouTube. If at all, to record with webcam, click on the record option in the webcam capture. After completing the recording, viewing the preview, it is to be uploaded and published on YouTube.

Going into the YouTube Video Manager section, video settings can be changed. For any video if we want that it can’t be viewed by others we have to set the video to ‘Private’ mode. Through YouTube Video Editor there is a provision to edit our videos on YouTube. We can set a custom thumbnail for our videos, add audio tracks, add a transition, add annotations, captions and apply many other enhancements using Video Editor. To publish our created video files present in the system on to the YouTube channel, uploading can be done in drag-and-drop method.


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