Google Drive & Dropbox – The 2 Best Free Cloud Storage Apps for Mobile

It is not at all safer to keep the photos in MicroSD cards, expecting memory is available. Backup is necessary and for that using the free cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox, time-to-time we can make a backup of photos and videos.

Google Drive - Free Cloud Storage AppDropbox - Free Cloud Storage App

Installing Google Drive in the mode of the app, we can easily backup our photos and sync them across all our devices. Google Drive provides 15 GB free online storage space, but it’s a shared one that shares its storage space with our Gmail attachments and Google+ photos as well.
Android users can install Google Drive app from Google Play

Another free cloud storage app which can possibly be used on all the mobile platforms is Dropbox. After doing upload of our photos to Dropbox, we can even share them with friends and family online. With Dropbox 2 GB free online storage space is provided when we sign up. Try Dropbox now from the link

The popular cloud storage service “Dropbox” can also be installed in the system in the form of software and can be utilised. Due to this, it is much easier to synchronize data from a personal computer with the Dropbox Cloud. Here’s the video explaining about Dropbox in plain English.

Dropbox app for Android is available on Google Play

iPhone and iPad users can obtain Dropbox app from the App Store

Now if you are ready to use only one between these two free online storage and file sharing systems, check out this video by Steve Dotto of doing the comparison between Dropbox & Google Drive.

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