Get These Free With An iPhone

If you are a proud owner of the wonderful iPhone, then you have to know about the free applications, games and much more available at “App Store”. Apple iphone

No setup files; no supporting files; just install with a click and enjoy the capabilities provided by App Store (new version of itunes) provided to iPhone, iPod and Mac users.

With the iTune store account created by giving your credit card details you can install free applications and stuff accessing the internet. As long as you don’t purchase anything its free to use.

Read Books
Use your iPhone to download and read books available for free at Store on different topics.

Photo Editing
With the help of the free photo editing software such as ‘ImageTouchlite’ and ‘Photobucket for iPhone’ available in Photography menu, you can upload your photos and edit them.

With the help of various services available in News Menu, access the latest news from around the world with regular updates. The default application for news ‘AP Mobile news’ designed by Associative press is an e-mobile news which updates the news with latest happening around the world and brings it to you.
You can also customize the news depending upon your field of interest.

Play Games
Gaming is a feature which is very popular in iPhone because of it’s capability to provide that ease and feel of playing the game in live. More percentage are attracted to the Games from the 1000’s of applications App Store provides to its users.
Space Monkey, Audi A4 Driving Challenge, iGolf are some of the popular games it provides.

Speedtest is an application provided in Store which functions like a meter that is capable of measuring the Bandwidth of your internet connection. With the help of it you can find the accessing speed of your internet connection while uploading or downloading. Moreover you can also find out the strength of network signals/connection at various places around the world.

iTunes Remote
With this software you can gain complete control on music files. Using Playlists, Artists, Albums, Songs you can change music settings according to your choice.

Even though this application looks like a simple calculator it’s capable of measuring time, speed, height, area etc., and can also be used to do certain scientific calculations.

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