How to Uncover Hidden Game in Microsoft Excel 2000

Since long Microsoft has been hiding Easter eggs in their programs. This is the last known Easter egg to have been found in Office Suite, which can be found in Microsoft Excel 2000.

It’s a car game where you get to shoot other cars while racing, enjoying unlimited lives. It can be found by doing as below:

1) Open new workbook in Microsoft Excel 2000

2) Go to file menu and save that blank workspace using “Save as web page

3) In the coming Save As window, give file name of your choice and select Selection: Sheet radio button and check the box saying Interactive and then click Publish, which opens Publish as web page window. Click on Publish command button there at the bottom.

4) There is no need to save you worksheet so close it and click NO if asked to save it and open the saved web page. (use Internet Explorer)

5) If the content is being blocked by your browser and a bar comes down from the top, click on it and select Allow Blocked Content, which gets you a blank worksheet.

6) Scroll down to reach Row 2000 (use Page Down to reach faster) and scroll side ways and reach column WC (use Tab key to reach faster)

7) Then click on the cell WC 2000 and press shift and spacebar together to select the whole row.

8) Then your webpage looks somewhat like this

Microsoft excel

9) While pressing ALT + Shift + Ctrl (all together) click on the Microsoft logo present at the top left hand side of the sheet.

That’s it!! Your game starts in full screen. (you can see credits of developers written on the road.)

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