Apple – iPhone3G New DirecTV App

With the Apple’s entry in the mobile phone market with its revolutionary iPhone, the popularity of Apple has spread to the nook and corner of the world. You might be wondering why this world famous computer hardware company uses a name that’s peculiar and different from the technological field. Actually, this name was suggested by Steve Jobs himself as he used to work in apple orchards during his summers, where he could gain consistent profits and happiness which motivated him to name his first legitimate and successful business as “Apple.” iPhone3G Apps
The success journey of Steve Jobs from Apple orchards to present Apple iPhone 3G is truly amazing. As the Apple has many health benefits, the new Apple iPhone3G also has many Apps that could make the user experience healthier. iPhone3G supports 35,000 Apps and still counting.
DirectTV iPhone 3G App
With DVR becoming so popular these days, iPhone3G has come up with this new App of the Week called DirecTV which can be very useful for all those TV buffs who always wanted to record their favorite tv shows and big games.

According to Apple, with this new DirecTV app, you can use your iPhone or iPod touch to check the TV schedule, get detailed program information, set your DVR, order Pay Per View programming, record shows to any DVR in your house, and more.
The app is free, but only DirecTV customers can record shows.

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