Quickly and Easily Backup Your Firefox Extensions with FEBE

If you’re someone who always wanted to easily synchronize your home and office browsers (or) backup your extensions before installing an extension upgrade so that you could go back if the upgrade doesn’t work (or) just back up your work or files in general while you browse, then Firefox Environment Backup Extension (FEBE) developed by Chuck Baker is all you need.Firefox-Environment-Backup-Extension-FEBE-by-Chuck-Baker

With FEBE you can backup your Firefox extensions, as well as bookmarks, preferences, cookies, Greasemonkey scripts, passwords, profiles, or virtually any data on your computer related to Firefox and can create multiple folders for saving certain backups in different locations.

Besides backing up your extensions, FEBE can rebuild your extensions individually into installable .xpi (or .jar for themes) files so that you can reinstall them whenever required.

For a quick tutorial with screenshots on how to backup using FEBE, Click Here

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