Access Your Favorite Sites On Multiple Devices with Weave Sync

Weave Sync Add-on for Firefox is a part of the Mozilla Labs Weave project that mainly aims to integrate services more closely as you browse along.

Weave Sync Add-on Synchronizes your bookmarks, history, customization, passwords and preferences wherever you go

The inspiration for this project comes from the users that hardly use just one device to access the world wide web and are in search of a program that can save all their browser data for bookmarks and tabs and allow them to access it on any device connected to the internet. This is what exactly Weave Sync Add-on does.

With Weave Sync Add-on for Firefox you can synchronize sites you have bookmarked or set as ‘favorite’, your browser history, tabs and passwords etc., and access them on multiple devices wherever you go. Also all your personal information will be heavily encrypted for security purposes.

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