Spruce Up Your Blog With Web Widgets @Widgetbox

As you know, widgets are simple, fun, and useful applications that can be embedded on a webpage, blog, or social media page. These widgets are very useful for sharing your ideas and experiences on the web in a simple and dynamic way and they are the best source to spruce up your blog. Talking about web widgets, we have to turn to Widgetbox which is the world’s best place to find and make widgets.

Widgetbox has a rich collection of over 170,000 widgets covering a wide range of topics and interests, including games, slideshows, blog feeds, news headlines, twitter polls, countdowns, educational quizzes and many many more.

Installing widgetbox widgets on your blogs is as simple as it gets and it takes no more than five minutes. Just browse by tag, topic, or featured lists to find fun and useful widgets that suits your blog and personalize it to get a HTML snippet to paste in your blog.widgetbox-take-your-content-make-widgets-share-them-with-everyone
Not just on blogs but Widgetbox widgets can be installed almost anywhere on the web including Facebook pages, Twitter, iGoogle or any other widget-friendly site.

Update: In March 2011, Widgetbox was renamed to Flite and focused on online and mobile advertising.

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