Stop Cross-Site Requests with RequestPolicy

Cross-Site Requests are generally initiated by the websites you are visiting making your browser send requests to a completely different website. And whenever you visit such as website, a cross-site request will send you to another place.These Cross-site requests are performed legitimately by big companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon etc., mainly to know some of your browsing habits. Hiding under these legitimate sites, there are many other sites that initiate cross-site requests and sometimes their habits are considered to be security threat especially when used to perform Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) and other attacks.

To stop this from happening and improve the security of browsing on the internet, it is always important to take control of your cross-site requests and this can be made possible by an extension called RequestPolicy developed by Justin Samuel.


RequestPolicy Flag Icon
RequestPolicy gives you the full control over cross-site requests by stopping all the cross-site requests originating from the website you are visiting and allows only the ones you approve.

The latest version of RequestPolicy supports the following browsers:

  • Firefox 3+
  • SeaMonkey 2.0
  • Flock 2.0
  • Fennec 1.0
  • Songbird 1.0

Download RequestPolicy Add-on for Firefox and for the Quick tutorial on how to use RequestPolicy, visit

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