Informational Tab Add-on for Firefox Lets You Preview Web Pages Before Opening

If you have high volume of sites to navigate, then it is always tough to keep track of all tabs in your window and it takes a lot of your valuable time and can be extremely draining at times to visit each tab to view whether the content is worth visiting or not. But now with Informational Tab Add-on for Firefox you don’t have to take that burden anymore.

Thumbnail-style preview of web-pages in each tab

With Informational Tab Add-on you can view thumbnail-style preview of the web-page in each tab that enables you to view the contents of the webpage in brief before opening.

Informational-tab-thumbnail-style-preview-in-tabs-and-progress-meterThere’s also a progress meter (in blue above the thumbnail) for each tab that shows you how much of a page has loaded.

Informational Tab Add-on Options

Informational Tab Add-on for Firefox also has options that lets you choose whether to show the preview of the whole web-page or just partially, size of the preview, Location of the preview, Position and Style of the progress meter and much more…

Download and Install Information Tab Add-on for Firefox

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