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What makes a PowerPoint presentation template worth using is its background imagery and the flexibility of its layout. However, it is not always possible to find PPT Templates that can maintain this balance. This is why websites like serve as an exceptional resource for downloading static and animated PowerPoint templates for free.

Free Static & Animated PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds

Although PPTTemplate is a relatively new website, however, it already seems to have amassed a nice collection of both static and animated PowerPoint templates which may eventually make it a viable competitor to other established websites like FPPT and Slide Hunter, which offer hundreds of free PowerPoint templates. At PPTTemplate you can search for templates by a specific keyword or browse through the templates gallery to find suitable PowerPoint templates.

PowerPoint Templates

High Quality Business PowerPoint Templates

PPTTemplate currently has a variety of attractive PowerPoint templates related to topics like sports, social media, business, technology, history and others. The below screenshot shows a Business PowerPoint Template from PPTTemplate. This template makes good use of white space and provides a professional looking layout for making business presentations related to a wide range of topics, be it financial forecasts, project plans, quarterly statistical projections or motivational presentations.

Business PPT Templates

Technology PPT Templates with A Touch of Class

Similarly, the Technology PPT Templates are quite exceptional in quality and come with relevant logos and background imagery to create presentations related to specific technology based topics. The below image shows the Free Microsoft PPT Template which can be used for making anything from end user manuals for Microsoft operating systems to a presentation about Windows 8 or other Microsoft products.

Technology PPT Template

The LinkedIn PPT Template is another good example of the professionally designed free templates that can be downloaded at PPTTemplate. Such a template can be used to discuss the marketing or recruitment strategy in a business. For example, SEO experts can use this template for elaborating their strategies to effectively use social media or an HR Executive can give a presentation regarding the use of LinkedIn as a resource for headhunting employees from reputable firms.

LinkedIn PowerPoint Template

Free PowerPoint Templates for Different Occasions and Events

Among the various topics for which PPTTemplates offers free PPT templates, you can find a suitable PowerPoint template related to different occasions, be it Thanksgiving, Halloween or even events like weddings.

Download Attractive PowerPoint Presentation Templates at 1

One of the aspects that standout for PPTTemplate is the high quality of the imagery and graphics used for presentation templates. The backgrounds are not only visually appealing but also quite flexible and unobtrusive, like the premium PowerPoint templates provided by websites like SlideModel.


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