Gmail Inbox Styles Overview

Gmail has recently introduced 5 inbox styles for viewing inbox email messages in a more efficient manner than ever before.

Gmail inbox type

These 5 inbox view types helps users easily manage email overload by categorizing and organizing messages according to their viewing needs.

  1. Classic

    Shows your recent messages at the top of your inbox. Default inbox type set, tried and true.

  2. Important first

    Gmail analyzes incoming messages based on your past interaction for similar messages and gives top spot for those you interact with most and other important messages.

  3. Unread first

    Shows on top all those messages you haven’t read yet so that you easily can get a glace of what’s new @inbox and read them first.

  4. Starred first

    Shows only those email messages that you’ve starred at the top of your inbox.

  5. Priority Inbox

    Using priority inbox you can combine unread, important and starred inboxes and let everything else show separately. You can customize your priority inbox type and set inbox sections that suits you best in your inbox settings

You can choose your desired Gmail inbox type anytime either from top tabs, inbox dropdown menu or from your inbox settings

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