Surfwax Media Launched New WordPress Plugin for Tech Blogs

A stealth mode NYC start-up, Surfwax Media is providing a new WordPress plugin for tech bloggers that helps in monetizing their content very efficiently and make more money from it.

Surfwax Media Platform

The plugin serves ads that appear as “sponsored comments” at the bottom of blog posts between the article and user comments.

Surfwax Media Integrated Ads Sample

The ads served are hyper-targeted, which means they won’t be appearing on every blog post but only when it is relevant for an advertiser and for you. When the ads do appear, you’ll get paid on a pay rate depending on your blog traffic and popularity but on an average Surfwax Media promises to offer a CPM averaging 3x higher than industry averages. Also the plug-in is easy to install with no configuration needed, all you have to do is simply install and activate it. Moreover the ads served by Surfwax media doesn’t interfere with your current ads in any way.

From the online marketers’ perspective, Surfwax Media platform provides the best solution for buying Integrated Social Media Ads on Individual Articles, as they can find latest articles relevant to reaching their target audience and create a custom ad using the content of the article that is ideal for the target consumer. Also unlike the standard display ads, Surfwax media ads eliminate the necessity of buying ads across the entire websites or network as they allow the marketers to advertise only around the relevant content the next consumer is using to determine their purchase.

Visit – Surfwax Media ► Publisher Page to sign-up and get your copy of the Surfwax Media WordPress plugin for your tech blog.

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  1. Shabnam Sultan

    Nice share Bobby 🙂 WP is a best blogging platform and the use of this plugin will for sure help bloggers to increase their earnings.

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