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With the increasing number of splogs and fake blogs that usually take away original images and republish it on their own website, it’s getting difficult these days for Image Owners to benefit from their work. Like it or not this image piracy problem is a huge issue most blogs and websites are forced to deal with.


In general, as there are two solutions to any problem, one being straight forward primitive one which everybody can do and the second being the sophisticated knowledgeable one which requires a method of know how, this image piracy problem can also be solved either in the primitive or the sophisticated way.

Two Solutions to Image Piracy

The primitive solution to this problem is well known, which is nothing but disabling the right-click using JavaScript. Other widely used solution for this image copying problem which is also more or less a primitive one, is watermarking images by embedding information such as the original website URL. While the above methods may seem to serve the purpose, they aren’t sophisticated and in any way useful to the image owner to get fully benefited. Contrary to the above primitive methods, the sophisticated knowledgeable solution that can help Image Owners is the new Embed Image Technology.

Embed Anything Logo

Released as a latest addition to the Embed Anything family, Embed Image Technology is all you need to fight Image piracy efficiently. Rather than making the images unavailable for reuse which doesn’t do much good in terms of driving traffic back to you, this new Embed Image Technology will actually make all your images automatically embeddable with a link back to your website contained within each embed.

This is the best alternative you can provide to your readers preventing them from copying images without permission. It’s clean, simple, and will bring a ton of SEO and additional traffic to your website. Other beneficial features of Embed Image Technology include:

  • Embedded images are clickable that will point back to the page where the original image was published on.
  • Overlay ad space provided on every embedded image where you can display your ad network of choice, or display your own promotion such as Twitter or Facebook Page.
  • Embedded Image
  • Ability to see which websites are embedding your images.
  • One click turn-off of unwanted image embeds on inappropriate websites.

Using Embed Image on your website or blog is as easy as it gets. All you have to do after creating an account is just drop a single line of code that contains your unique Publisher ID into your website’s template, or install Embed Image WP Plugin if you have a WordPress blog. And That’s it! From that point on all your images show a embed button upon mousing over them which when clicked by users gives a embed code to paste into their website HTML.

Try it yourself and post in your valuable comments.
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