9 Interesting WordPress Plugins of 2010

WordPress launches new plugins each day adding to their vast collection that intends to provide effectiveness and flexibility in user operations.

WordPress Plug

The following are the some of the newly added interesting plug-ins available for WordPress blogs among masses.

New Simple Gallery is the recent entry in  Gopi’s WordPress Plug-ins which is a useful plug-in for image owners and lovers that automatically displays slideshows of user galleries.

New Simple Gallery plugin demo image

The slideshow can be paused and resumed. Various fading effects can be applied to the images in the slideshows. When mouse is rolled over the Gallery a navigation control pops-up. The images can be set either in automatic or manual slideshow, images can be hyperlinked and associated description can be laid with the image.

123 Flash Chat WordPress Plug-in, is a very powerful tool which enables the users to create their own chat room in WordPress. The plug-in also allows the users to insert a chat-room to the sidebar making it quite flexible and easy to use.

123 Flash Chat WordPress Plugin screenshot

The 123 Flash Chat WordPress Plug-in is quite easy to configure and with the user’s desired user-name a own chat room can be created in no time and it is safely hosted by 123flashchat.com

LinkXL, developed by LinkXL.com, this plugin enables WordPress bloggers to automatically monetize WordPress blog. In just a few steps bloggers can sell text link advertising within existing content on a page.

For each website you add, you can set the maximum number of keywords allowed for sale on each web-page, set your own prices and also choose automatic or publisher approval. Besides bloggers, this plugin can be quite effective for large corporations and top sites that are looking to provide relevant ads to their clients and make money online.

WP-GeoMap, a recently launched plug-in by Iain Cambridge displays the location of the author who is posting. The location of the author is shown on Google Maps. With the help of php extension, maxmind’s city web service and web service on api.codeninja.me.uk, the author’s geo position can be displayed.

Enable Media Replace is yet another popular and recently updated plug-in by Mans Jonasson which allows the users to easily replace any uploaded media file by uploading a new one. All you have to do is to first locate the uploaded file you want to replace and click the “Edit -> Upload a new file” link and follow the on screen instructions.

This helps to save time and energy from deleting of previous file, renaming and re-uploading the new file. Thus using this real time-saver plugin, you can replace the old file with the new one in no time! No fuss, no muss.

Disqus Comment System is a service and powerful tool used for comments and discussions. Disqus makes commenting more flexible, easier and interactive while connecting websites and commenters across ongoing discussions. The Disqus impeccably integrates with Disqus API and syncing with WordPress comments.

Disqus Comments System screenshot

This plug-in can increase the exposure and readership as it makes comments indexable by search engines, provides Subscribe and RSS options, and also the has the provision of importing existing comments and backup of existing comments. Other useful features of this plugin includes:

  • Threaded commenting and reply option
  • Full spam filtering, blacklists and whitelists
  • Disqus community widgets support and much more!

Javascript HTML Text Adder is an amazing and recently updated plug-in that allows the users to easily add HTML, JavaScript, Flash embed codes to sidebar of their blogs or sites irrespective of the number of widgets.

HTML Javascript Adder WordPress Plugin

With this plug-in the user need not edit any part of code or file for adding new widgets. The users also can have access to various features and settings for each widget they use.

WP Super Cache is used for generation of static html files from the users WordPress blog. Once the generation of the file is taken place, the web server of the user will serve that file rather than processing of WordPress PHP scripts. The static files are used to serve the users who are not logged in, who have not commented or who have not viewed posts having password protection. Static files are quite useful as over 99% of people visiting site fall under the above category and the processing of WP PHP is expensive and heavy for processing.

Easy Favicon is an amazing plug-in developed by Loane that allows the users to add eye-catching and easily recognizable favicon which helps to better brand their blogs.

Favicons WordPress Plugin Select Favicon

Users can add private images, logos, gravatar or can choose from several sets of included favicons.


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