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Speed Reading Apps Collage

Best Speed Reading App For Android, iOS And Chrome

Here are the best speed reading apps for smartphones and tablets running on Android and iOS and for the web users of the Chrome browser. Using these speed reading apps you can stay productive no matter what device you use. When we take up activities like reading we will think as to how [Continue Reading…]

Quickly Enter Information Online with InFormEnter

Whether you are signing up for a service, making a purchase online, or just filling your information in a survey form, whatever may the case be, filling the same old information is something that you never want to go through. So, to make this process easier and fill information in [Continue Reading…]

Botbi.com – A Site for Secure Download of Free Games and Apps

If you’re concerned about the dangers of downloading free games and apps, then Botbi.com is the place for you. The huge variety of free games and apps, with secure downloads for each makes it probably the biggest and the best software download website. Reliable rankings let you know which software [Continue Reading…]

8 Featured Firefox Extensions

Tab Badge Firefox Extension Get this featured add-on created by Geoff Lankow to obtain the respective web services update notification alerts. Even though the tabs have been kept pinned, the Tab Badge is visible showing new updates if any. For example, when kept pinned your twitter account, the number of [Continue Reading…]