Top 5 Browser Add-Ons for Writing Custom College Essays

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Essay writing has gone digital and different web browsers offer online tools which aid in effective writing of custom college essays. Add-ons help you focus on work as you grow to be a writer and also you get to complete your essays early. Add-ons are supposed to be easy to work with without making you divert from your writing. Some browser add-ons are free while others are fairly priced for use.

Here are some add-ons to help you with your essays:

1. Ginger

Top 5 Browser Add-Ons for Writing College Essays: #1 Ginger. Chrome Browser Add-on. Start writing college essays perfectly. A better way to write college essays. Featuring the world's most accurate grammar and spelling checker.

This is a chrome browser add-on with an advanced option that proofreads your writing. When writing you make a mistake which cannot be highlighted by the normal word document auto correct, ginger detects the typos and errors and suggests possible changes that should be done. Words are checked in their context and you also get alternatives and suggestions on what to do. This means before you forward your essay you have corrected grammatical, punctuation and structural errors from your work. The prices of this add-on vary depending on the functions you expect it from it.

2. Mind Meister

Top 5 Browser Add-Ons for Writing College Essays. #2 MindMeister. Mind Mapping. Brainstorming.

Before starting on any essay writing the first thing you do is to conduct research. However, this could be challenging if you have no idea what you need to include in your essay paper. To easily know how to organize the ideas to be written and the Mind Meister creates mind maps which allow you to connect your ideas to create a flow. This simplifies the writing process because you write your paper with ease. The MindMeister has templates and the mind maps you create can be saved as files. The basic version of this add-on is free.

3. Speech Recognition

Wow! This is an incredible add-on which will help you write faster. You have a stenographer on hand, which will help you dictate the notes to the computer. Google Docs use this add-on and sometimes every writer needs hands off the keyboard and relax. Read out and the typing is done.

4. Word Q

This extension is very crucial to improve your essay writing skills. It provides word suggestions as you write and it also directs on how the words should be used. WordQ is very good at formatting your essay making it easy to read, attractive and presentable. It has basic formatting tools within its features.

5. Co:Writer

One of the biggest mistakes a writer can ever do is confuse a word with its homophone, this diverts the meaning of your essay to another. The Co:Writer Universal is very good at predicting the word you would want to use then provide suggestions which you choose from. Though, it will not only allow you to choose it identifies the correct word to be used and suggests it. It has a spell checking feature, meaning you get to choose the correct word and use it.

US Essay Writers are constantly facing new writing issues on top of the old existing ones. No version of Microsoft seems to be effective for writers to use without considering other add-ons. Add-ons are the only solution to making edits and proofreading of essays easier. They not only improve your essay writing skills, but they also increase your productivity.

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