Quickly Enter Information Online with InFormEnter

Whether you are signing up for a service, making a purchase online, or just filling your information in a survey form, whatever may the case be, filling the same old information is something that you never want to go through. So, to make this process easier and fill information in a breeze with a click of a button, use InFormEnter.

Sign Up form Personal Information entry with InformEnter firefox add-on
Enter Personal Information easily with InformEnter

InFormEnter is a free add-on application software for Firefox that adds a clickable icon next to any input field online so you can quickly insert information – no more typing required.

Just configure the program in anyway you want by saving your frequently used information such first name, last name, email id, address etc., and it enables you to quickly insert your desired text in any web form.

InFormEnter-Options-Profile-Management-Input-menu-items per line
InFormEnter Profile Management – Input Menu items

Add InFormEnter add-on to Firefox

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