3 Featured Add-ons for Firefox

It is most essential to know the additional facilities in Firefox browser that helps web users in searching and finding reliable information. For that purpose, the readily available addons are to be utilized. Thousands of featured addons are being made available in Firefox. With the help of them bookmarks can be managed in thumbnail boxes, speed dial option possibility is there, you can get all your Google needs in one place such as Gmail, Google Calender, Google Reader, Gmail Labs etc and why using the default blank new tab? prefer New Tab King addon. If you want to take print of any webpage, print preview can be viewed in right-click toolbar menu.


The enticed items in web searching will be bookmarked and can be viewed when required. To manage these bookmarks most easily and efficiently, there is ‘ViewMarks’ Firefox extension. Upon clicking ‘Open ViewMarks’ all the bookmarks which were available will be opened in new tab in thumbnail boxes.

3 Featured Add-ons for Firefox 1

On keeping mouse pointer on any box, the following details are visible i.e. site name, address, description, created date, show QR codes. Not only opening the bookmarks by right-click, but you can also copy the link by single click and for that ‘copy link location’ is available. You can store the required picture in each thumbnail box duly uploading the image by edit option and there is provision even for increasing the thumbnail box. If there are many number of bookmarks you can search with ‘Search Box’.

Print/Print Preview

The required webpage after viewing the print preview, if print is required, right-click in the page itself. This addons replaces default Print option with with Print/Print Preview toolbar menu option. Install and right-click in the page, and you can view print preview and print in menu additionally.

Integrated Gmail

The extra facilities extended by Google to access them in Gmail there should be Integrated Gmail Add-on. Immediately on installing, Gmail gets refreshed and changes its face. There appears Gmail Inbox, reader, calender and notebook list. Schedules can be maintained with calender service and also planning the events, SMS alerts can be synchronized with Google calender.

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