What is a QR Code and How to Generate QR Code Online

QR code or Quick Response code also known as hardlinks or physical world hyperlinks are a popular type of 2D barcode introduced by Japan based Denso Wave, Inc. in 1994 as a powerful medium for storing and exchanging meaningful information inside black & white images. QR Codes are a convenient way of transferring information to a mobile device.

These QR codes are the most space-efficient of all of the two-dimensional codes as they can carry meaningful information in both vertical as well as the horizontal directions and are thus capable of storing several hundred times the amount of data stored by ordinary barcodes which are just capable of storing information in horizontal direction.
bar codes can store data only in horizontal direction whereas QR codes can store information both horizontally and vertically - Generate QR code online
In QR Codes you can encode and store up to 7,089 numeric (or) 4,296 alpha-numeric (or) 2,953 binary(8 bits) (or) 1,817 Kanji/full-width Kana characters that can be anything like your contact information, telephone number, blog/website URL, SMS, email address, or any other normal text. The QR code images thus formed can be read by dedicated QR code readers and camera mobile phones having appropriate decoding software that can photograph QR codes and decode them.

Popular Websites that Generate QR Code Online

  1. The KAYWA QR-Code Generator
  2. Generate QR Code Online from ZXing (pronounced “zebra crossing”)
  3. Duncan Sample ‘Mobile Barcoder’ Add-on for Firefox
  4. QR-Code Generator Tool @Mobile-Barcodes
  5. NFG Games QR Code Generator
  6. The 2D Code QR Code generator
  7. Oysso

Now, to decode QR code online and read you need the following dedicated QR code readers and decoding software for Java enabled built-in camera mobile phones.


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