Generate High Resolution Wallpapers of Google Maps with Google Map Buddy

Now there’s a possibility to get the high-resolution prints of Google Maps which show on the computer screen throughout the world. In the Google Maps, whatever area we want to see can be done searching and many are using Google Maps which are with updated maps. You can clearly see any place you like either town or village and all areas very clearly through Google Maps. You can prepare and easily take the prints of the map belonged to any area. For doing all this, ‘Google Map Buddy’ will be of great help.

Google Map Buddy can be downloaded free from Softonic and the utility can be run without the need of installation. The program downloaded can be run directly after doing un-zip.

How to Generate Maps Files with Map Buddy

Firstly toolbar will appear through which you can enter into Google Maps. After selecting country, press the Go button through which Google Maps Buddy will open the Google Maps. To get the map prepared by Map Buddy, at first select the Area button and you can select the part of the map, wanted to keep through this button. If there are any changes in map selecting, then select new location button. After this you can select the map as you required. You can capture the maps by increasing the zoom levels. For example, the zoom level given 10, later want to capture zoom level up to 12, it can be done easily. Grid can be made through ‘Draw Helper Button’. After selecting like this select ‘Create Map Image’. Later save the maps in png file format in the output folder. After saving maps can be downloaded into your system. For example, if road map is selected at first you’ve to check ‘will be downloaded’. If will by by the side of road map. Here, it will ask as to whether map files in the output folder will be deleted. In case, if you want to take prints, you have to select No.

Print Your Maps

If you want to take the prints of maps made as wallpapers you can get through color printer. If the poster is in A4 size, you can get the print through your printer. If color posters are required you can print through color printer.

Still to be easier, maps can be collected through Google search engine or directly from various websites. After that, you can get the prints directly. Not only in this way but also you can prepare the map duly selecting the map required through Google Maps.

You can understand how easily high resolution Google Maps can be made using the said utility. Locating the place where you are, you can prepare the poster through Google Maps. Previously, even-though there are objections of Google Maps, at present important places are also available in the map.

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