Google Maps Mobile beta unleashed

Google Maps Mobile were not totally fool proof coz many a times it happened that people who were relying for directions ended up in unknown locations. Just getting the directions was inconvenient especially while driving as you cannot see them virtually when you’re on the drive. Well, all this is however is the past, thanks to the new beta version of Google Maps Mobile. The new beta version of Maps Navigation has numerous improved features and fixtures of bugs.

Google Maps Mobile beta overview The new updated version of Google Maps Navigation beta is available free for download and it is pre-installed on all the Android 2.0 devices.

This amazing high end software application from Google works as good as a GPS navigation device. The application features several high end options like 3D views, Turn-by-Turn voice guidance and Automatic Rerouting etc.

Find out why one should opt for the new Google Maps Navigation beta

  1. Your phone is updated automatically for the most recent version of maps and locations from Google listing which is improving continuously. This feature keeps you updated with the current location names and provides you with better navigation option.
  2. Search a location, place or landmark just by simple entering its name in the Google Search box provided in the application and you will get detailed navigation description of the desired location.
  3. With the new redefined voice search feature you can search the destination simply by saying the name of the location and you will get the desired results based on the search

3D street view @ Google Maps Mobile beta
Besides the above mentioned features the new beta version of Google navigation maps provides with Satellite view, Street view and 3D view that provides you with an upgraded road assistance and easy navigation solution.

The Google Maps Mobile beta application is available free in United States and is pre-installed in the upcoming Motorola Droid.

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