7 Best Firefox Addons for YouTube

Without a doubt, YouTube is an universal channel for watching videos online. Whatever may be the category or topic, if clicked search, countless video results! And to view those video on Firefox browser, there are so many addons readily available.

When we are not able to see an interested Programme in TV, immediately we go search in YouTube to watch videos of our interest. There are different addons with additional facilities in Firefox browser to view YouTube videos, which can be downloaded with one click. Let’s know about some best Firefox addons available for YouTube.

To View in HD

It is known of seeing video in default format in YouTube. But, to play YouTube video at high definition, there is a special addon readily available in Firefox named ‘Youtube High Definition’.

Select Youtube High Definition Video Quality and Video Size

Go to Youtube High Definition link, Add to Firefox, install service and restart browser. We can find HD icon symbol by the side of address bar. Now, whenever we view video in YouTube, we can select required video quality and Youtube video size by clicking on the icon symbol. We can select various formats like High Resolution, HD 1080, HD 720, large, medium, small and default in ‘Video Quality’ menu. We can also change the video size from expand to shrink.

To Buffer Speedily

We should know about ‘SmartVideo For YouTube’ for better control over the buffer speed of YouTube video.

SmartVideo for YouTube Preferences

By installing SmartVideo add-on in Firefox browser, we can find additional options in video player when hovered the mouse over any YouTube video. We can make the video buffer speedily and also know the estimated time when the buffer completes. To play the video after completion of the buffer, check the option ‘Start playing when buffered’.

To Download Videos in Two Formats – MP4 & FLV

To download the YouTube video you wanted with one click in MP4 and FLV formats, install in Firefox browser 1-Click YouTube Video Download add-on. Immediately, below the YouTube video player, appears download button. Click it to download video in MP4 360p, FLV 480p, MP4 720p , MP4 1080P (HD) formats.

To Search in YouTube

To search about any topic in YouTube, we need not type in search bar entering into YouTube homepage. It is enough if we have YouTube IT add-on and the search for YouTube videos can be done right from anywhere in the browser. Upon installing this YouTube search add-on in browser, additional options will reach the right-click menu. Later it becomes easy to search for any video topics just by selecting any text, right-click to open menu options, and clicking YouTube IT. Immediately YouTube will open and there appears the video results for selected text.

To Replay Video

For automatic replay of videos viewed in YouTube or to watch a part of video again and again, it is possible with ‘YouTube Auto Replay’ extension for Firefox.

Upon installing, we will find below the video Replay button. Playing the video, to see the same part again click Replay button, choose loop type and click ‘Loop it!’

To Watch Video in Cinema Mode

While watching the video in YouTube, due to white spaces in page, is video quality not visible at optimal level? If so, there’s a special add-on named YouTube Light Switch for making appear black color in the background as if light are off in YouTube background. After installing this add-on, if we open YouTube, we can see dark color in background like in movie theater.

To Download Video in Different Formats

To download the required YouTube video in different formats with single click, ‘Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express’ is available. By adding to browser, under the YouTube video a download button will appear with options to download video in various formats including HD. And to download any video as audio file select MP3 format.

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  1. To hear songs and to view videos we can add a special music player in Firefox browser. For that 'YouTube Music Player' extension is there. We can view YouTube player by the side of bookmarks. We can prepare playlists clicking on the menu. For searching required albums search option is available. To hear the already created playlists, click on 'load'. To manage the player easily shortcuts are there. To download in different formats of one YouTube video, 'YouTube MP3 Podcaster' add-on is enough. Upon installing additional facilities will appear below the player by the side of the address bar in Tool bar. We can select clicking on setting icon, the required like mp3, bit rate, volume control. For playing in mobile phones we can download videos in 3GP format. If we require fully qualitative video file, select 'Full HD'

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