LABC CABLE CASE for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Just Released

First of all, let me catch you up to speed on LABC. LABC is a growing new US company based in Irvine, California that makes cell phone accessories and their slogan ‘We Create your mobile life’ says a lot about LABC as a brand that is committed to meet customer’s satisfaction. LABC has recently made […] Continue reading →

Computer Mouse Sad Love Story

I really love Computer without a doubt. Once upon a time, if I was not there he felt as if he was left alone and in fact it was I who simplified the use of computers and also increased the attraction of computers, but now he’s behaving such that there is no necessity of mine. […] Continue reading →

Distance Education: A New Era of Education

Today, we are global citizens boundaries are blurring thanks to technology that helps us stay in touch and connect with people from across continents at the click of a mouse or a touch of a smartphone. As technology revolutionizes our lives, would it be safe to assume that it is inevitable that it transforms the […] Continue reading →

Math Resource Collection for Students of All Ages

At, I love every opportunity to share educational material with others. Fun and engaging educational material is all the more welcome when it comes to subjects that may prove more challenging for some students, such as Mathematics. Previously I had published a post featuring useful Math resources on the web for kids titled ‘Cool […] Continue reading →