With the Clock Gadget View Multiple Time Zones in Windows 7

Do your family members live in various places in the world with different time zones? We can know and keep track of the time in those places easily and for that there is Clock Gadget in Windows Desktop Gadgets which we can easily put on the desktop in Windows 7.

Get Paper Clutter Organized and Digitized with Shoeboxed

In light of its relevance and popularity, I wanted to reach out to you to tell about Shoeboxed. Shoeboxed.com is a web app that helps entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses and families alike get their paper clutter organized and digitized. Specifically Shoeboxed is online receipt management service that can scan and data enter paper receipts for taxes, bookkeeping, and the IRS (Inland Revenue Services), a task that is notoriously painful.

Tech Gadgets for Students - Boogie Board Tablet, Sky Wifi Smartpen and Wireless Hard Drive

It is not correct for students to claim that technology is useful only for time pass after coming from school or college. To improve students and their capabilities there are readily available many tech gadgets, PC software applications and mobile apps. Furthermore, these are not so costly to purchase and some of them are even provided free of cost online and enticing.

Android Apps for People with Poor Vision

For everyone these days mobile phone has become compulsory and new mobile phone models are entering into the market everyday. In the same way speedily changes are taking place in mobile OSes (Operating System) especially in the most popular mobile OS - the Google's Android. With smart apps and technology support available, even those who are old or have vision problems can use every mobile phone feature without any difficulty.

To view big sized mobile menus and icons, to operate the mobile with mere saying, to hear the voice text read and to make the usage of mobile more productively for older people or those with poor vision, we can't make changes in the existing mobile OSes, but we can obtain additional facilities with mobile apps readily available online. Maximum percentage of these mobile apps are freely available and others are available at lower cost. We will know about some of those in detail.

Quickly Enter Information Online with InFormEnter

Whether you are signing up for a service, making a purchase online, or just filling your information in a survey form, whatever may the case be, filling the same old information is something that you never want to go through. So, to make this process easier and fill information in a breeze with a click of a button, use InFormEnter.
Sign Up form Personal Information entry with InformEnter firefox add-on
Enter Personal Information easily with InformEnter
InFormEnter is a free add-on application software for Firefox that adds a clickable icon next to any input field online so you can quickly insert information - no more typing required.

Convert Photo to Painting Online with Psykopaint Painting Software

Psykopaint is a free web-based painting software that allows you to convert photo to painting easily. Uploading the digital photos and painting manually, you can turn your photos into amazing paintings.

5 Best Android Office Apps

Not only in the PC, but also on Android mobile phones and tablets we can create office documents and can edit and view them. There are suitable Android office apps readily available for that purpose and among those office apps, Quickoffice app is one of the best. Here is a list of 5 best office android apps.
Here are 5 Best Office Apps for Android Devices

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Quickoffice can be used with our Google Account and we save our work in Google Drive. Using Quickoffice along with viewing also creating and editing of Office documents like Word, Excel and PowerPoint can also be done.