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f.lux Software Reduces Computer Eye Strain

RamaRao bobby - 1:30:00 PM
Those who work more on the computer staring at the computer screen for long periods of time will face eye strain which might eventually lead to vision problems. This eye exhaustion will be aggravated even more while focusing on a computer screen with excessive brightness and contrast settings. In such circumstances, your computer's display can be changed automatically as pleasing to the eyes using f.lux software.

VistaSwitcher for Windows - The Best Task Switcher Tool with Preview Snapshots (Alt-Tab Replacement)

RamaRao bobby - 5:05:00 PM
If anybody asks us for what the Windows key combination Alt + Tab is used, we immediately say that this shortcut is used to switch between the running programs, opened folders and files without using the mouse. We use this shortcut key many times a day to switch between tasks and while doing so, the full-sized previews of those applications, files and folders can be viewed using VistaSwitcher tool.

VistaSwitcher task switching windows with full-sized preview snapshots

After installing and running VistaSwitcher, it replaces the default Windows Alt-Tab dialog and after that whenever we press Alt-Tab keys we can view a new Alt-Tab switching window that provides the list of all the running tasks along with their names and previews from which we can open the required window.

Besides switching between tasks, through right-click of mouse in VistaSwitcher any single window or multiple windows can be minimized, maximized, restored and tiled horizontally or vertically. And, if any task is not needed we can also close it or even end the process.

vistaswitcher right-click options - Switch To, minimize, maximize, restore, tile horizontally, tile vertically, close, end process

There is also the possibility to make changes to VistaSwitcher's general settings, appearance and behaviour by right-clicking on the VistaSwitcher icon symbol in the system tray and going through Preferences.

For more info and download go to

How to Share Data and Files Between Computer and Mobile Phone

RamaRao bobby - 12:37:00 PM
We definitely use both PC and mobile phone and in these two devices we use many web services like Gmail, messengers, social networks and cloud storage platform. But can we connect our computer and phone and share data between them? Yes, using Pushbullet we can connect our devices easily and share data and files fast between our computer and mobile phone. Using Pushbullet app data can be shared with an easy interface and very fast.
Pushbullet - Your Devices Working Better Together

To use Pushbullet in our PC, we can log into the site or install the Pushbullet desktop app. To use Pushbullet services in mobile, we have to install Pushbullet in the form of app. Go to the Google Play link and install the Pushbullet app in the android mobile. Apple users can get Pushbullet app from iTunes

In the same way to access Pushbullet in Google Chrome, add the Pushbullet extension to the browser from Chrome Web Store. After this, you will find an icon symbol by the side of the address bar. In case Firefox browser is being used, in the form of browser add-on, Pushbullet can be added to the browser. Firefox users go to the link below and add Pushbullet browser extension.

Now to send any link from PC into a mobile phone, there is no need to go to mail services for emailing the link. Just click the Pushbullet icon symbol in the chrome browser, adding the webpage links in 'Links' section, click on 'Push it' and we can access these in mobile instantly. In the same method, we can share photos, notes, addresses, to-do lists and other files. Notifications can also be managed easily. Creating the friends list, data can be shared easily.

Watch this Pushbullet overview video to learn how you can share data easily between your computer and mobile device.

Know more ways to share files between Mobile Phones and Computers - A Website for Every Truth of Superstar Rajinikanth

RamaRao bobby - 10:42:00 AM
We need not say especially about Rajani's style as everybody knows about this superstar actor. Whatever he does on screen is stylish, with his unique mannerisms and stylised dialog delivery whatever he speaks is a memorable dialogue. Therefore, there is a special website dedicated to the funny truths, games and videos about superstar Rajanikanth

Troubleshoot Windows Problems Using Windows Problem Steps Recorder

RamaRao bobby - 1:16:00 AM

Whenever there are problems that arise in our system due to virus, malicious software or some other reasons, we look for a solution for that problem enquiring with tech-savvy friends and PC technicians.

In Windows 7 and Windows 8 whenever any problem arises, the problem of your system is to be recorded and can send mail to tech experts. For that there is an option in Windows 7 and Windows 8 called 'Problem Steps Recorder'.

6 New Technologies that Makes Your Life Simpler

RamaRao bobby - 1:55:00 PM
Using technology to simplify the world is a busy place; there is no end to the numerous tasks that must be handled and difficulties encountered day in and day out with most days stretched so thin and lives blurring by over years and decades of endless toil, it is of little wonder the world is a less than cheery place. This is a less than pleasant consideration, taking into account the fact that science has availed technology in the myriads designed to improve life.

Find Tasty Food Recipes Online

RamaRao bobby - 8:40:00 AM
To try for any new food preparation, we need not ask our mother or grandmother. If we have access to the internet, there are so many foods recipe sites and cooking YouTube Channels available to go and view.

Food Recipes Search Engine

Whatever may be the doubt we ransack in search. In the same way to search for a required food recipes go to the website This is the world's largest recipe search engine. Nearly 2 million food recipes are made available in this website.
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