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How to Bring Business and Workflow into One Seamless Environment with a Unified Communication System

RamaRao bobby - 12:20:00 AM
Workflow is the systematic business processes that are repeated on a regular basis in order to achieve specific business goals. Now business and workflow can be integrated into one seamless environment. There are certain business activities that are repeated in a manner to achieve pre-determined goals. Unified communication system or UC facilitates the integration of business process and workflow on a single platform. You need to leverage the power of Unified communications (UC) to create an efficient flow of information into the workflow.

The Unified communications (UC) platform combines the amazing VoIP telephone system, video conferencing, instant messaging, presence and mobility features to create seamless environment for business processes. Remote workers as well as office based workers will be available on the same platform and users will have the freedom of how and when to collaborate. Since the real time communication among various employees is made easy through the use of a common platform, employees will be able to spend more time on the core business activities. They will be able to cut down on the time that was wasted making calls from various devices and tools.

Unified communication solutions are implemented in order to use the VoIP telephony features and provide a common platform for data communication among enterprise applications, personal information and multimedia communications. The integrated environment helps to develop a smooth workflow which would enable the employees to communicate and at the same time share real time data. The system will require minimum training and users can even get into multimedia collaboration sessions with click of a button. Users will also be able to initiate any other application from their communication devices and the system even promotes the use of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

The unique architecture of the Unified communications (UC) helps it to act as a unified platform and it even helps to distribute the system's intelligence on different end point devices. Thus, the growth or scaling down of the system can be easily adapted to the change in workflow. The workflow turns smoother with the integration of UC.

Some of the unique advantages offered by Unified communications (UC) integration with the workflow are:
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  1. Makes the workflow efficient - The workflow becomes effective and efficient, which has a very positive impact on the overall business productivity. Since all types of communication gaps are either eliminated or minimized, the processes become even more efficient.
  2. Enhancement in the productivity levels - The productivity levels of the employees shoots immediately when there are no gaps in communications. The real time data sharing makes it easier for the employees to collaborate with various applications and they are able to analyze and take decisions in a better manner.
  3. Adds transparency – The primary idea behind sharing data on real time basis is nothing but to make the business processes smooth and transparent. Since all the communication systems are able to share data from a common system, so the chances of working with the wrong or redundant data are completely eliminated.
  4. Easy collaboration – There are a variety of data, audio and video collaboration tools that are integrated with Unified Communication (UC). Thus, the workflow will become extremely smooth when the users have access to collaboration tools that can help them communicate at the click of their mouse whenever they want and from wherever they want.

How to find used business phone systems are a good deal or not

RamaRao bobby - 9:48:00 PM
There is the obvious compulsion behind choosing refurbished, reconditioned or used phone systems – these are cheaper and you will be able to save money. Even though you can make some savings up-front, there are some risks that come piggybacking with used business phone systems. Wear and tear of the used phone systems is a common thing and you will also be missing out on the technical support and warranty.

used mobile phones
Are used business phone systems a good deal?

As a result of carrying out a small survey among the vendors and users of both new as well as used business phone systems, given below are the findings that would help you to decide whether to put your money on used phone systems or not:

The Perfect Video Conferencing Room

RamaRao bobby - 8:34:00 PM
The conference room: It's arguably the heart of any modern office. It's where a lot of good collaboration happens, and where many great ideas are born. So it's a given that equipping that meeting space to perform optimally, with video conferencing (VC) is of paramount importance. Yet what is essential? And what's optional? How can you equip that conference room this year, so that it doesn't need an upgrade the next? And, more importantly, how can you achieve all this on a tight budget?

We've come a long way from conference rooms equipped only with whiteboards and telephones. Believe it or not, you can add three crucial business functions to any conference space — all for under $1,000.

DownThemAll - Best Firefox Extension to Download All

RamaRao bobby - 2:55:00 AM
If you're the one who do a lot of downloading, then much of your time is spent on different sites downloading stuff that interests you ranging from images, audio and videos. This can become very time consuming, but there's a way for you to make it more efficient. Just try using DownThemAll! add-on for Firefox.
Created by Federico Parodi and Stefano Verna with the common purpose to improve the web experience of Internet users, DownThemAll is the first and only download manager and accelerator fully integrated into Firefox that allows you to download all of the links or images from any website in one simple click of your mouse.

With Chipolo Nothing Will Be Lost

RamaRao bobby - 2:18:00 AM
Having Chipolo is enough, our mobile phone, laptop, pen drive, portable hard disk, keys, wallet, cat, dog not a single one will be lost. Even when anything is lost if we have Chipolo it can be recovered easily.
In the speedy lifestyle, sometimes we can't remember all. We search for car keys which are kept in the bay and when we could not find them, we lose patience and start yelling. Anything left somewhere and forgotten or is lost and not traceable, to find it easily there is very capable Chipolo which works through Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

How do you hold your phone when both your hands are busy? The answer is Neckset

RamaRao bobby - 10:34:00 PM
Neckset is a product that makes mobile communication, video calls and smartphone handling easier. Works as a third arm, while using your smartphone you can use both your hands for doing something else.

During our daily life we bumped into the problem. Imagine the situation when you're walking on the street, need GPS navigation but also have big luggages to carry. Who holds your smartphone then? NECKSET.

5 awesome apps to enhance your learning capabilities in no time

RamaRao bobby - 4:36:00 PM
We all know that education is one of the most crucial areas of our lives. At the same time, we accept that our children attend schools utilizing archaic teaching methods. They encourage learning schemes, which are unnatural for the human brain to process, like cramming or memorizing plain data. Fortunately, not everything is lost. Here are some techniques and apps to help you get to the top without spending money on private tutelage.