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6 New Technologies that Makes Your Life Simpler

RamaRao bobby - 1:55:00 PM
Using technology to simplify the world is a busy place; there is no end to the numerous tasks that must be handled and difficulties encountered day in and day out with most days stretched so thin and lives blurring by over years and decades of endless toil, it is of little wonder the world is a less than cheery place. This is a less than pleasant consideration, taking into account the fact that science has availed technology in the myriads designed to improve life.

Find Tasty Food Recipes Online

RamaRao bobby - 8:40:00 AM
To try for any new food preparation, we need not ask our mother or grandmother. If we have access to the internet, there are so many foods recipe sites and cooking YouTube Channels available to go and view.

Food Recipes Search Engine

Whatever may be the doubt we ransack in search. In the same way to search for a required food recipes go to the website This is the world's largest recipe search engine. Nearly 2 million food recipes are made available in this website.

MultCloud - A 100% Free Web-App Helps Manage All Cloud Drives in One Place

ramaraobobby - 6:50:00 PM
MultCloud - Put multiple cloud drives into one Today I'd like to introduce an easy to use and 100% free multiple cloud storage manager-MultCloud to you. Why do we need it? Because nowadays people have so much data that they not only store them in local hard disk, but also in cloud services.

The Best Free Backup Software

RamaRao bobby - 4:45:00 PM
SyncBackFree - MailStore Home - Titanium Backup
There is a smart backup tool for Microsoft Windows named 'SyncBackFree'. After installing this tool, we have to set the backup location for scheduled backups. Then onwards, it will do backup of data automatically, synchronize and also provides easy options to restore backup files. There are some more facilities provided in the premium version. To download SyncBackFree go to the link

Same like this there is another useful backup software tool especially for email backup and email archiving named 'MailStore Home' which is available for free download at
MailStore - The Experts in Email Archiving
With MailStore Home we can backup all our email messages and store them in a safe archive. We can import our email(s) from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird and local files. From MailStore Home archive we can read our email(s) and also quickly search for required messages by keyword. Our backup messages in MailStore Home can be burned to CD/DVD or we can also export our messages to .eml format. One more very useful feature that MailStore Home provides is the ability to install it as portable versions to a USB flash drive or folder.

Here's the video tutorial on how to archive email(s) using MailStore Home.

There are so many apps to backup the important data in our Android mobile. Among those, 'Titanium Backup' is a very useful one using which besides backup and restore we can keep the data safer in various methods like freeze apps, freeze data on SD card and protect our backups against deletion. Also, using the cloud storage service backup can be done. For installing Titanium Backup app on Android go to

App Manager 3 and SD-Booster Android Apps

RamaRao bobby - 7:30:00 AM
New Mobiles are attracting all people's attention increasing the size of the screen. We need not say particularly about Android Smartphone that is appearing day by day as a new platform changing its versions. Are we having Android mobile in hand? Are all the works are being done with apps? It will be good if the mobile works with maximum capability. What can we do if any problem arises? We need not go to a service center for every small problem as we can ourselves solve going into the root of the cause to overcome the errors. For example, if there is no sufficient memory space, we can free up some memory space with memory management apps. With suitable apps we can manage internal memory and external memory easily. If RAM speed decreases, by removing the unnecessary junk files we can improve the speed. We can also improve the battery capacity. To say like this, there are so many things we can do running some best Android apps. We will now know about two very useful Android apps - App Manager 3 and SD-Booster in some detail.

Play School Driving 3D on Android and iOS

RamaRao bobby - 7:52:00 PM
Are you one among those who wants to learn the road rules and car driving on holidays? So, learn how to drive heavy vehicles like buses, trucks and also cars making the android mobile screen as steering. For that there is a realistic simulator game named 'School Driving 3D'.
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