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How do you hold your phone when both your hands are busy? The answer is Neckset

RamaRao bobby - 10:34:00 PM
Neckset is a product that makes mobile communication, video calls and smartphone handling easier. Works as a third arm, while using your smartphone you can use both your hands for doing something else.

During our daily life we bumped into the problem. Imagine the situation when you're walking on the street, need GPS navigation but also have big luggages to carry. Who holds your smartphone then? NECKSET.

5 awesome apps to enhance your learning capabilities in no time

RamaRao bobby - 4:36:00 PM
We all know that education is one of the most crucial areas of our lives. At the same time, we accept that our children attend schools utilizing archaic teaching methods. They encourage learning schemes, which are unnatural for the human brain to process, like cramming or memorizing plain data. Fortunately, not everything is lost. Here are some techniques and apps to help you get to the top without spending money on private tutelage.

Top 7 Best Android Apps that Makes Your Travel Easier

RamaRao bobby - 11:43:00 AM
Smartphones have become an integral tool for travel. Whether we use them for plotting round the world trips, checking maps, hailing a cab, looking for somewhere good to eat, or simply working out when the next bus is going to arrive, it has become difficult to remember the days when we didn't get a helping hand from this technology. Here's a useful rundown of the best seven travel applications available on Android phones today.

7 Best Travel Applications for Android Phone and Tablet

1. Uber

- This app has set the world abuzz and transformed the way we travel by taxi.

- With Uber you can compare rates and get instant fare quotes.

- After booking a car it's even possible to check your driver's location and estimated time of arrival for extra peace of mind.

2. Kayak

- Helps with the delicate balancing act that is international travel, making sure flights transfer and connect, and that the right accommodation is in the right place and at the right price.

- Kayak allows users to swipe through available flights, hotels and car hire companies, and places an emphasis on affordability.

-Kayak keeps track of all the latest market fluctuations, so if there's a sudden price drop you will be the first to know.

3. Expensify

- As any business traveler will attest, one of the major inconveniences of trips is keeping track of expenses and filing reports.

- In this respect Expensify is a real time saver that has built up a loyal base of devotees, importing expenses straight with a credit card and allowing users to scan receipts to be compiled later.

- This saves time and effort, allows travelers to focus on the job at hand and not petty paperwork.

4. Google Translate

- Undoubtedly the most reliable translation app available, Google Translate helps avoid any number of potential mishaps while travelling in a foreign country.

- 63 different languages are now translatable, and this can make all the difference in a wealth of situations when you need to understand or be understood.

5. XE Currency

- Exchange rates can be very confusing on international trips, and that's where XE Currency's app comes in.

- On the spot, users can check the latest conversion rates, which is a particularly useful tool on shopping trips and at restaurants when time is of the essence.

- This app has already been downloaded more than five million times and is the undoubted leader in its field.

6. Google Maps

- Still the best map service, Google Maps is equipped with a host of useful features.

- Users can find local transport services and amenities, and also calculate estimated journey times on foot, by bike, public transport or car.

- These days it also comes integrated with Uber, the game-changing taxi app.

- Today more than 200 countries across the globe are represented, with an ever-growing number of cities depicted on the immersive Street view option.

7. TripAdvisor

- This app has practically made the travel agency a thing of the past and has given holidaymakers a better idea of what awaits them abroad.

- With the wonder of crowdsourcing, holidaymakers now have catalogues of useful reviews and consumer testimonials at their fingertips.

- Discover the best accommodation, restaurants, days out, attractions and beaches, and find out what the managers don't want you to know.
This guest post is submitted by Avil Taylor who lives in the UK and is an avid reader and blogger. She works as a guest blogger on her chosen areas of interest which include - Travel, Technology, Education, Food, Fashion, Lifestyle, Fitness and Movies/books reviews. She currently writes on behalf of the Practical Driving test.

View Files Online Using the Google Docs Viewer

RamaRao bobby - 10:25:00 AM
Google Docs Viewer is the best website to view the files online. It can be used directly without downloading and installing Google Docs. Immediately on entering into the Google Docs Viewer site, giving the document internet address a viewer link will be displayed to quickly view that document online.

Infographic to Better Understand the Recycling Process of Paperboard

RamaRao bobby - 7:11:00 PM
Paperboard is among the essential packaging materials and we use them almost daily. Recycling old cardboard boxes is a good approach as it promotes a safe environment and lowers the cardboard waste. Today's generation is more concerned about the environmental issues and they love to buy the goods that are recyclable.

In this infographic, the process of paperboard recycling is described in a detailed, step-by-step way.
Paperboard Recycling Process Infographic
Infographic Source: Globe Packaging

Now you know how paperboard gets a new life after recycling process.
This guest post is submitted by +Mark Dawson, a professional blogger and marketing expert. Currently he is working as a Marketing Manager at Globe Packaging. Website Url:

5 Useful Websites and Apps for Travelers

RamaRao bobby - 9:28:00 AM
Travelers today have a variety of options from the new websites and travel apps that assist them to plan for a quick weekend getaway and vacation. They are provided with good deals that offer suitable destinations for family and friends. Different sites offer varying airfares, high or low, and some are reliable for a last minute accommodation. From sites that find and compare the lowest airfares and last minute hotel accommodations. They also suggest convenient restaurants for travelers and this show that the tech innovations are expanding ways to modernize and ease travel for people.

Technology has completely upgraded the travel industry, and the top five websites have helped manage travels without hindrances. They include:

MenuStat (
This innovation provides travelers with nutrition information and a variety of menu items. There are users who go on vacation, and their aim is to gain weight. They are away from work or studies which is a source of stress and that makes one lose weight and thus decide to take a break. Foodstuffs that contain sugar and fats are provided in many of these hotels in the world.

Flights with Friends is now Suiteness (
Larger groups inclusive of friends and family are well suited by the website that focuses on them. The group books a trip together and all arrangements are listed in a single page for everyone to see. Summary on car hire options and restaurant accommodation are reviewed by all and they get to say what should be amended and a replacement to be done. Travelers are given the best of everything to make them comfortable, and the market of the hotel starts with them since they will share their wonderful experience with others and wish to go back.

Route happy (
After travelers have set dates and the place they desire to visit, the route happy website gives them a chance to select the happiest and best flight accommodation. Users are informed at the airline and route that they will use to get them to their destinations. Cozy planes that have larger and spacious seats make a traveler comfortable and overwhelmed as they travel. Well-trained air hostesses serve and treat people appropriately in the plane, and entertainment and refreshments keep travelers excited.

Triplt (
Users can use this app to upload their hotel confirmations and store them for easier referencing and to satisfy needs for travelers. Organizing a trip to one place is easy now and fast because this app is perfect for that and allows those travelers to feel in place as well.

At times, trips come up in an unplanned way while others get cancelled unpredictably as well. Travelers undergo costs of purchased rooms that are non-refundable, and this website gives them an opportunity to post it at discounted and reasonable price. It is an effective and favourably two-way solution for the traveler and the room seller as well as to buyer. Instead of cancelling the hotel room, the buyer gets it at a discounted price.

These five technology innovations have made traveling fast and convenient whether it's a sudden business trip or a long planned vacation.
This guest post is submitted by Ruby Andrew, who currently writes on behalf of Australian visa and you can contact her through G+ profile - +Ruby Andrew

f.lux Software Reduces Computer Eye Strain

RamaRao bobby - 1:30:00 PM
Those who work more on the computer staring at the computer screen for long periods of time will face eye strain which might eventually lead to vision problems. This eye exhaustion will be aggravated even more while focusing on a computer screen with excessive brightness and contrast settings. In such circumstances, your computer's display can be changed automatically as pleasing to the eyes using f.lux software.