Convert Photo to Painting Online with Psykopaint Painting Software

Psykopaint is a free web-based painting software that allows you to convert photo to painting easily. Uploading the digital photos and painting manually, you can turn your photos into amazing paintings.

5 Best Android Office Apps

Not only in the PC, but also on Android mobile phones and tablets we can create office documents and can edit and view them. There are suitable Android office apps readily available for that purpose and among those office apps, Quickoffice app is one of the best. Here is a list of 5 best office android apps.
Here are 5 Best Office Apps for Android Devices

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Quickoffice can be used with our Google Account and we save our work in Google Drive. Using Quickoffice along with viewing also creating and editing of Office documents like Word, Excel and PowerPoint can also be done.

Blue Ticks in WhatsApp Confirms Message Read

The latest update in WhatsApp is showing blue ticks when your message has actually been read. Two grey checks only mean your message had been correctly delivered to the recipient, but that doesn't imply it had been read. And as you may already know, a single grey check mark next to your WhatsApp message says that the message has been sent to the recipient.

3 Best OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Software Online

Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software the text in images and PDF files, scanned text in the images received from a scanner and also photos with text taken with a digital camera or mobile phones can be converted into editable electronic text documents. There are various kinds of text recognition and conversion tools available online. Through these OCR software, images with text and PDF files can be easily converted as plain text files.

How to Bring Business and Workflow into One Seamless Environment with a Unified Communication System

Workflow is the systematic business processes that are repeated on a regular basis in order to achieve specific business goals. Now business and workflow can be integrated into one seamless environment. There are certain business activities that are repeated in a manner to achieve pre-determined goals. Unified communication system or UC facilitates the integration of business process and workflow on a single platform. You need to leverage the power of Unified communications (UC) to create an efficient flow of information into the workflow.

The Unified communications (UC) platform combines the amazing VoIP telephone system, video conferencing, instant messaging, presence and mobility features to create seamless environment for business processes. Remote workers as well as office based workers will be available on the same platform and users will have the freedom of how and when to collaborate. Since the real time communication among various employees is made easy through the use of a common platform, employees will be able to spend more time on the core business activities. They will be able to cut down on the time that was wasted making calls from various devices and tools.

How to find used business phone systems are a good deal or not

There is the obvious compulsion behind choosing refurbished, reconditioned or used phone systems – these are cheaper and you will be able to save money. Even though you can make some savings up-front, there are some risks that come piggybacking with used business phone systems. Wear and tear of the used phone systems is a common thing and you will also be missing out on the technical support and warranty.

used mobile phones
Are used business phone systems a good deal?

As a result of carrying out a small survey among the vendors and users of both new as well as used business phone systems, given below are the findings that would help you to decide whether to put your money on used phone systems or not:

The Perfect Video Conferencing Room

The conference room: It's arguably the heart of any modern office. It's where a lot of good collaboration happens, and where many great ideas are born. So it's a given that equipping that meeting space to perform optimally, with video conferencing (VC) is of paramount importance. Yet what is essential? And what's optional? How can you equip that conference room this year, so that it doesn't need an upgrade the next? And, more importantly, how can you achieve all this on a tight budget?

We've come a long way from conference rooms equipped only with whiteboards and telephones. Believe it or not, you can add three crucial business functions to any conference space — all for under $1,000.