DIY WinPE Tool – AOMEI PE Builder

AOMEI PE Builder is a free excellent software for creating PE system developed by AOMEI Technology. Its function is powerful. With it, you can build a personalized Windows Preinstallation Environment. As we all known, the famous two AOMEI products are AOMEI Backupper and AOMEI Partition Assistant. Naturally, AOMEI PE Builder includes them. It also contains other […] Continue reading →

Telephone Invention History Timeline (Infographic)

It’s amazing to think how far technology has advanced in recent years. Mobiles and phones alike have become a part of our daily lives so much so, that not having access to these forms of communication can seriously affect school, work and leisure arrangements. In this infographic the history of the telephone dates back to […] Continue reading →

Best Speed Reading App For Android, iOS And Chrome

Here are the best speed reading apps for smartphones and tablets running on Android and iOS and for the web users of the Chrome browser. Using these speed reading apps you can stay productive no matter what device you use. When we take up activities like reading we will think as to how quickly it can be finished. […] Continue reading →

Get Paper Clutter Organized and Digitized with Shoeboxed

In light of its relevance and popularity, I wanted to reach out to you to tell about Shoeboxed. is a web app that helps entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses and families alike get their paper clutter organized and digitized. Specifically Shoeboxed is online receipt management service that can scan and data enter paper receipts for […] Continue reading →

Android Apps for People with Poor Vision

For everyone these days mobile phone has become compulsory and new mobile phone models are entering into the market everyday. In the same way speedily changes are taking place in mobile OSes (Operating System) especially in the most popular mobile OS – the Google’s Android. With smart apps and technology support available, even those who […] Continue reading →

Quickly Enter Information Online with InFormEnter

Whether you are signing up for a service, making a purchase online, or just filling your information in a survey form, whatever may the case be, filling the same old information is something that you never want to go through. So, to make this process easier and fill information in a breeze with a click […] Continue reading →