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Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal Kursi Cricket Game

RamaRao bobby - 12:28:00 AM
Your choice, your voice! Before voting in this India Elections 2014, start playing Kursi Cricket online or on your mobile devices and convey your opinion to your friends as to whom you give the vote. In Kursi Cricket game the prime ministerial candidates Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal these three are ready to bat and score runs. You can bat for the leader of your choice and hit fours & sixes.

14 Useful Android Apps for Lovers

RamaRao bobby - 2:35:00 PM
These days the mobile phones hiding in the hand is having much support of useful apps and is playing the main role as an elder and in case of lovers it is becoming everything they need. The uses of these apps for lovers are many. Among the countless, we will see some useful mobile apps pertaining to lovers.

Avocado - Just for Couples and Lovers

RamaRao bobby - 6:47:00 PM
Lovers, husband and wife, the chatting between them need not say specifically. Even though they are physically away from each other, always their thoughts revolve around their favorite person. For such people Avacado is the special social networking app with which rain of kisses can be bestowed and hugs can be sent. If required become the member in Avocado.

General Knowledge and IQ Android Apps

ramaraobobby - 4:55:00 PM
Without wasting time it's better if we try to improve knowledge because improving general knowledge can make us ready for competitive examinations and IQ can also be enhanced. To improve general knowledge we read different kinds of books, newspapers, weeklies and monthly magazines. In the same way through mobile apps also knowledge can be improved, for instance try the app General Knowledge.

Usage of Storage Space in Gmail

RamaRao bobby - 2:00:00 PM
Have you at anytime analysed as to how much storage space is being provided in the Gmail being used? Have you checked how much storage has been used by your Gmail, Google Drive and Google+ accounts? This is not at all a difficult process, all you've do to view your utilization of storage is scan the lower left side of the Gmail page, it will be shown in % of total storage used.

Useful Android Apps for EAMCET and Other Competitive Exams

RamaRao bobby - 4:56:00 AM
For admission in Engineering, Agriculture and Medical colleges across Andhra Pradesh, the state Government of Andhra Pradesh conducts an entrance exam named EAMCET (Engineering, Agriculture and Medical Common Entrance Test). Few days ago class XII exams were over and everyone is in full swing of holiday enjoyment playing cricket in college ground, gaming on computer and mobile phones. No doubt playing is important but not only that, while playing simultaneously also get prepared for further studies. EAMCET exam date is fast approaching. 2014 EAMCET exam will be held on 22nd May. Those who are preparing for EAMCET can practice the questions on the mobile screen and there are android apps readily available through which we can get practice tests and know important tips to be followed while preparing for EAMCET and other competitive exams.

How to Play MP3 Audio Files in Google Drive

RamaRao bobby - 3:33:00 PM
Whatever we want to do online, we must move through Google and with a Google Account there will be many advantages. We can use Gmail which has become inevitable email service now-a-days whether to a student, employee or businessman. And with a Google Account we can connect to Google Plus, we can sign in to YouTube and YouTube Channels can be maintained, and to say more we can even utilize Google Drive and Google Maps. With one Google account we can access all Google services and many more things can be done like hearing audio in Google Drive, printing to any printer over the web using Google Cloud Print etc. Now let's know how to play mp3 audio files in Google Drive.

Give Print from Anywhere with Google Cloud Print

RamaRao bobby - 1:51:00 PM
Do you know that the printer in the home can be accessed from anywhere in the world. For that we have to use Google Chrome browser. Log-in with Gmail and we can give print to printer at home. At first both the printer and PC at home should be in ON state. Then, opening the browser we have to go to the 'settings' and then in the settings tab came scroll down and click on +Show advanced settings and there in the menu we have to find the option 'Google Cloud Print'. Now click on the 'manage' under Google Cloud Print and attach the using printer with 'Add Printer' option.

How to Download YouTube Videos A lot Faster and Easier

RamaRao bobby - 1:36:00 AM
1) The No.1 best way to download YouTube videos faster is by using PRO download software 'YTD Video Downloader' which has built-in download acceleration that gives download speeds faster than you ever could have imagined.
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