Best Speed Reading App For Android, iOS And Chrome

Here are the best speed reading apps for smartphones and tablets running on Android and iOS and for the web users of the Chrome browser.

Using these speed reading apps you can stay productive no matter what device you use.

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Speed Reading Apps for Android, iOS and the Web

When we take up activities like reading we will think as to how quickly it can be finished. In the olden days reading means only reading of paper books. At present, in our digital age the physicality of a paper book has been replaced by the concept of e-paper on screen as everything we want to read is available on screen and we can read in this from newspapers to ebooks. Just like how we want to speed read paper books, in the same way we have to think while reading on the web or on mobile phones and tablets. Otherwise, so much of our valuable time will be wasted in reading slowly and we may lose focus on what we are reading.

Best Speed Reading Apps For Android

Normally our average reading speed is somewhere between 50 to 200 words per minute. To train ourselves to read faster and increase our reading speed without sacrificing comprehension, there is a speed reading app readily available for use in Android mobiles and tablets, which is ‘Speed Reader App’. In this free speed reading app, we have to read those words which are moving in the centre of the screen by not moving our eyes or saying the words in our head. It supports .txt, .pdf, .epub, .html and .xml formats. There is a possibility to set the text colours and speed as needed. Android users can obtain this Speed Reader App from Google Play

Android users can also try Speed Reading  app to increase reading speed quickly.

Best Speed Reading App for Google Chrome

Google Chrome users can install a speed reading app in the browser and improve their speed of reading easily up to 400 words per minute, or more. For example, to read the content in any webpage, we can use Spreed chrome extension and read the text over two to three times as speedily as we do conventionally. If required to speed read the text on the web, try the Chrome app ‘Spreed – Speed Read the Web’ which can be used adding to browser.

Spreed Chrome Extension on

Spreed is a Chrome Extension that lets you speed read text on any webpage

After adding Spreed extension to Chrome, we can notice a small book icon in the upper-right corner just to the right of the address bar. From now on, whenever we want to speed read something on the web, all we’ve to do is click on this Spreed icon and select “Spreed current website”. Alternatively to launch Spreed on any webpage we can straight-away click on the small Spreed box that appears in the lower-right corner of our browser.

Best Speed Reading App For iPhone and iPad

Apple iPhone and iPad users can use the app ‘Acceleread Speed Reading Trainer’ from iTunes. Acceleread Speed Reading Trainer is the #1 speed reading app on iTunes. You can obtain this speed reading app from the link


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