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NEWSPAPER If you ever wanna know what the abbreviated forms like MBBS, CAD, COBOL etc stands for, then you have to visit one of the best acronym finder online which is acronymfinder itself. It is considered as the worlds largest acronym, abbreviation or initialisms dictionary online with more than 750,000 human-edited definitions.

But to my surprise I couldn’t find NEWSPAPER in their dictionary and just suggested it for review. Hope it gets added to their database sooner or later. ‘Suggest new acronym’ section is included just for this purpose of knowing new stuff so it would be too optimistic to think that they have all the stuff included. If you know any new acronym or definition which you couldn’t find within acronymfinder you can just suggest it. You will be included in the contributors list also if you suggest more than 50 unique acronyms/abbreviations and definitions.

Coming to the usage of this acronymfinder, just type in the acronym/abbreviation in the search box and press find which brings you all the forms that are related to the word. Your results can be filtered depending on various categories they have such as Information Technology (IT), Science and Technology, Medicine, Military & Government, Organizations & Schools, Business & Finance, Slang & Pop Culture.

According to their new updates you can even search for more than 850,000 US and Canadian postal codes. Depending on your usage you can also add this Acronymfinder as a gadget to your iGoogle page (most commonly your ‘Google Homepage’). To do that just click on the Goolge add button in their site, as shown in the image below. This is for those of you who are novice online or new to customizing your iGoogle page.
Expand Any Acronym, Abbreviation or Intialism 1
Coming to the sites that can be considered as stiff competitors to acronymfinder include all-acronyms.com and abbreviations.com


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