What is Digital Divide All About?

Digital Divide refers to the gap between people who benefit from digital technology and those which have very limited or no access at all. Digital Divide comprises of the imbalances in knowledge, ability as well as skills to access modern information technology such as telephone, television or the internet.

The Digital Divide

The Digital Divide. [Image Source: LaneTerralever

The digital divide can exist between the people living in rural areas and those living in urban areas. This may be classified based on income, race groups, education and by locations. On a global scale it may be classified between more and less industrially developed nations.

Traditionally the poor and homeless people have been at a big disadvantage by not having means and finance to gain access to the latest technology. In today’s society, jobs and education are directly related to the internet and other technical gadgets so neglecting technology is impossible.

Many projects have come up to bridge the gap by providing people with free computers but there are still important building blocks missing. It is very essential to eradicate digital divide. This can be done by reducing poverty and promoting the philosophy of Globalisation. Education is the most important issue that affects the ability to benefit from technology. Unless people educate themselves, all the computers and networks in the world may not be of much use.

The real reason for digital divide is the poor facility for education and raise in the taxes which directly affects lower income families. High quality basic education helps in narrowing the digital divide. In many developing countries less than 1 in every 1,000 people have access to a computer as compared to the developed country where 600 in every 1,000 gain direct access to computers. Many charities and projects have undertaken to bridge the digital divide between the developed and the developing nations.

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