Dvorak Keyboard for Maximum Typing Efficiency

The Dvorak keyboard was initially designed with an aim of maximizing typing efficiency. The Dvorak keyboard got its name after its inventor Dr. August Dvorak. This keyboard was designed in1930s by August Dvorak, a professor of education and his brother-in law William Dealy.

Dvorak Keyboard for Maximum Typing Efficiency 1

Unlike the traditional QWERTY keyboard this keyboard is designed so that the middle row of keys consists of the most common letters. Also the common letters are situated in such a way that they can be typed swiftly.

The standard Dvorak keyboard has two additional keyboards, a left-handed keyboard and a right-handed keyboard. These keyboards are designed for the people who use only one hand for typing. The Dvorak keyboard layout is available in the control panel option on every modern computer. This keyboard is immensely more comfortable than the old-standard “QWERTY” pattern which provides the user with no efficient attempt at typing comfort. This keyboard was scientifically designed to increase the speed as well as accuracy.

Unlike the QWERTY the Dvorak keyboard is much easier to learn, especially for new typist. The beginning lessons are more productive and interesting as the user can type thousands of real words on the home row itself. Accuracy is another advantage of the Dvorak layout as its users tend to make fewer mistakes while typing. Most of the people switch to Dvorak as it is more comfortable. The Dvorak layout is carefully designed to fit the English language. While on the other hand QWERTY has random layout.

Dvorak makes typing more natural and easier. Many people find switching to Dvorak as a seamless way of learning touch-typing. Amazing feature of the Dvorak keyboard is its speed, accuracy, comfort, less finger travel, easy to learn and portability. Although the Dvorak keyboard has failed to replace the QWERT, it has become much easier to access in the computer age that consists of all major operating systems like Linux and Microsoft Windows.

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