TVS-E Click Prism – A Multi-Color High Quality Optical Mouse for Notebook Users

One of the leading manufacturers of computer peripherals in India, TVS-Electronics limited has recently introduced this multi color high quality optical mouse for notebook users.TVS-Click-Prism-Mouse
With the unique feature of having transparent crystalline design on edges with 7 color LEDs that constantly fluctuate between rainbow colors during motion, this cute little mouse becomes an attractive and user friendly input device.

Also for better grip and handling, TVS-E Click Prism comes with rubber coating and its working switch life is estimated to be approximately around 10 million cycles. The product is now priced at Rs.425 ($8.41585) and comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Other general features of this TVS-E Click Prism input device are:

  1. Laptop Mouse with USB Connectivity.
  2. Sleek, Compact, Retractable Mouse.
  3. High Quality Optical Sensor for Precise Movement.
  4. Suitable for both Left and Right-hand users.
  5. Product Dimension: 75 x 47 x 29mm, Weight:49 Grams.
  6. Product Dimension With Packaging(in cm):19 x 21.5 x 8.0cm, Weight:55 Grams
  7. Product Brand: TVS-E

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