NComputing Virtual Desktops Deliver Computing Access for Fraction of the Cost of PCs

NComputing is the next generation ‘Virtual Desktop Sharing’ solution that can provide 4, 7, 11 or even 30 users to share a typical entry level PC at the same time, making each user feel as if they have their own full PC. Ncomputing
With this Wonderful Tech Stuff each user can web surf, play online games, run internet applications, use instant messengers like MSN, Yahoo!, send and receive email, execute any Windows application such as Office suites and Semi-multimedia applications without the complexity of a expensive standard PC.

This is possible because of the fact that today’s PC have much more power and capability that any one person really needs. CPU usage of a single person typically ranges between 5%-10% of the capability of their PC.
So NComputing Desktop Virtualization can provide the path to share this excess power of today’s PCs among other users saving a lot of money. As NComputing access devices have no moving parts, they are highly reliable and also save a bundle of electricity because they use only between 1-5 Watts as compared to 110 Watts of individual PC.
energy-savingsThe savings are even more as you can save on air conditioning costs, support and maintenance costs because of the simplicity and the ease of management of these access devices.

Now let us know how-to configure & connect users to shared PC
This NComputing solution kit includes NComputing vSpace Desktop Virtualization Software, NComputing access devices and Ncomputing Ethernet device that fits into your PCI slot.
Ncomputing- vSpace-cd-access-deviceAmong these, NComputing vSpace desktop virtualization software is the most important component that dynamically allocates host computer resources among multiple user sessions and delivers a totally independent, rich PC experience to each user after installing it on the main shared PC.
The monitor, keyboard and mouse and other standard peripherals of the user PCs connect to the small NComputing access devices and these devices connect to the shared PC either directly or over Ethernet.

Mainly based on the distance the users are from the shared computer, these Ncomputing devices are categorized into two types namely X-Series and L-Series.

X-series desktop virtualization kit is the best choice when users are within 10 meters (33 feet) of the shared PC and conversely L-series is for users who are more than 10 meters away from the shared PC. Whatever may the series, NComputing is undoubtedly the present most efficient way to provide computer access to multiple users at the same time for fraction of the cost of PCs.

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