25GB Free Online Storage @ Windows Live SkyDrive

Software Icon Micorsoft is providing netizens a new password-protected online file storage drive named Windows Live SkyDrive with 25GB of free online storage. SkyDrive-25GB-free-Online-Storage It is mainly designed to make data always available to the users where ever they need it. Anyone having Hotmail or Windows Live account can access this drive. Infact, One Windows Live ID gets you into Hotmail, Messenger, and Xbox LIVE. So its always better to sign-up for Windows Live account.

You can use this SkyDrive to upload and share images documents, videos etc., but the upload size is 50MB per file. You can upload upto 5 files at a time and the upload/download speed is quite good.
You can even embed files in your site. Here is the song (Jai Ho) from Slumdog Millionaire that has won Academy award for the best original song 2008

You can set personal, share with your network of friends or Share with everyone (public) attribute to your files.

Windows-Live-SkyDrive-attributesBy default you will be getting four folders under two heading namely Documents and Favorites. Under Documents you will be having personal documents with a lock symbol which signifies that it is password protected and and only you have the permission to access it. Anyways if you want to share files in your personal documents you can do it by editing the permission. You can either give permission for everyone to access it or select your network of friends to share with. Public Documents are meant to be shared with everyone. Likewise you have Personal Favorites and Shared Favorites under Favorites. You can create a New Folder in addition to these default folders at any time using Create Folder option.
SkyDrive-HomeIn addition, Microsoft is ready to provide high-level of security for your personal data with secure socket layer protection similar to that applied for online banking. So without any hesitation you can upload all your personal certificates, documents, e-tickets etc, so that you can access them later in case of accidental loss elsewhere.

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