RapidArc – Latest in Radiation Technology for the Treatment of Caner

RapidArc, a new type of radiation treatment for cancers is the latest technology from Varian Medical Systems. This wonderful health breakthrough technology has first been put into use in Central New York at Syracuse Radiation Oncology with great results.
Rapid-Arc-radiotherapy In RapidArc Technology, the machine rotates around the patient and in less than two minutes it blasts the cancer cells with radiation. Whereas in conventional radiotherapy treatment which is traditionally being used since long it requires to lie still for about 15-20 minutes during which, even a shall shift in the position may guide the radiation off target causing serious problems to the health tissue. Thus, due to its high speed treatment capability RapidArc reduces the risk of the radiation missing the target.
Rapid-Arc-Radiotherapy-Technology Moreover, as the unit can rotate to each angle, it constantly changes the shape of the beam to conform to the shape of the area that needs to receive radiation, while at the same time sparing the surrounding critical tissue. So, it is best suited to eliminate cancers that are close to delicate organs like prostate, pancreas, bladder etc.

With the treatments that are precise and 2-8 times faster than conventional radiotherapy, this Wonderful Technology has considerably improved the quality of care and patient comfort during treatment.

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