Otixo – All In One Place for Many Cloud Storage Services

Are you using different types of cloud storage services? You can get access to all your cloud services in one place. Naturally, we use various web services according to the necessity and in this process, we log into a number of services. For example, to backup files and photos we use cloud storage services online. However, it is difficult to use different cloud storage services separately. At Otixo.com there is a possibility for accessing all the clouds (Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, OneDrive, FTP, etc.) in one platform.

all your cloud storage services in one place at Otixo

To get as per the need the available cloud storage services through one platform, become a member of Otixo. From Otixo you can access various cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, SkyDrive, Picasa, Amazon S3, Facebook and other FTP services. As a free member, after log-in, all cloud storage services will be shown in special interface. Files in various cloud services can be seen as if in system drive. The files can be moved from one cloud service to another on drag-and-drop method. The files in those cloud services can be renamed, deleted and uploaded. File preview can be viewed there itself. Documents can be opened in Google Docs. We can share the files with friends by creating custom links and we can also keep files in ‘Public View’ for the accessibility of all. We can search all cloud services with ‘Search’ feature provided. Besides the basic ones we can get some more cloud services with a premium account.

We can install Otixo in the PC as software and can be used to access all our files in various clouds from the desktop. In the form of mobile app Otixo can be installed and used in our mobile device. Android users can get Otixo app on Google Play. iPhone and iPad users can install Otixo from iTunes. Also, to enjoy uploading pictures to Otixo-supported cloud services (Dropbox, Picasa, SkyDrive, MyDrive, +20 more) with just one click get the Photixo app for Android.

I love managing my cloud services using Otixo app and on the web using my desktop. It’s much better and easier to manage all of my cloud storage accounts when they are under one roof.

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