Best Health and Fitness Android Apps

The Smartphone you have is not only for phone calls, web search and social networking but also for health and fitness training. It is like a family doctor that teaches health precautions and works as a scanner monitoring your body. To say in one word that you have family doctor by your side if you have smartphone with you. To know how it will be, you’ve to know the best health and fitness android apps that keep health in your pocket.

9 best health and fitness android apps for your smartphone that lets you keep health in your pocket. App for Gym, Yoga, Cardiograph, Instant Heart Rate and Body Mass Index BMI Calculator

Personal Gym

  1. VirtuaGym

    Health problems of any type will not come provided you do daily exercise for one hour. If you require a trainer as to what type of exercise is needed to get good results, it is possible with this health and fitness android app named VirtuaGym.

    Best Health and Fitness Android Apps 1

    Android users can download VirtuaGym app freely and immediately on installing, exercise, progress, about VirtuaGym, settings etc open in the menu. @VirtuaGym you can know the exercise procedures in clear 3D graphic demonstrations. You can track the daily doing exercises through calender. You can view 400 exercise procedures and 100 gym workouts and also get health and fitness skills.

  2. 40 Killer Ab Exercises

    Man with Killer Six Pack Abs This free Ross Gallagher’s Android app ensures those who try to get six-pack abs with its special 40 killer ab exercises where the workout details are given through visuals.

  3. 10 Killer Bicep Exercises

    bicep exercises for stronger arms and shoulder muscle increase. Yet another Ross Gallagher’s free Android app that helps you learn how to perform the 10 best bicep exercises for stronger arms and shoulder muscle increase. You can obtain details of each exercise with graphics and text.

Yoga Trainer

  1. Daily Yoga (All-in-One)

    To convert your smart mobile as your yoga guru for bodily health and fitness and also peaceful mind, install Daily Yoga (All-in-One) coaching application. This free app is attracting all the users as one of the best yoga coach application on android.
    Best yoga poses app for android with 26 dynamic yoga sessions
    Using this best yoga app you can practice yoga by viewing HD videos with live voice over instructions and background music. There are 26 dynamic yoga sessions and in its library you can obtain more than 200 yoga poses and 6 background music tunes. According to your stage and stamina you can choose workout intensities such as casual, moderate or intense with various durations provided. And time to time yoga sessions are updated for free.

  2. Pocket Yoga

    For practice of yoga at the comfort of your home this yoga instructor app on your Android device is beneficial.

    Personal Yoga Instructor App - Pocket Yoga for Android

    With Pocket Yoga on your android phone or tablet, you can do more vivid practice with the help of voice over and video visual instructions. Having a total of 27 different sessions to choose from, this personal yoga instructor app is a commercial tool and can be installed from Google Play by paying RS.163.38

Cardio Guard

  1. Cardiograph

    To know your heart rate at various situation, download cardiograph tool.


    After installing cardiograph heart rate application, touch the icon appeared on the screen, then application will open. Now click start button and keep your fingertip on device’s built-in camera. You should make sure that the finger fully covers the camera lens. After some seconds your calculated heart’s rhythm readings can be viewed on the top of the screen through graphics. You can save your results and can view the readings taken long back in the history. This personal heart rate measuring app also provides some intersting facts in connection to heart.

  2. Instant Heart Rate

    This is another heart rate monitor android app for your smartphone which works with the same technique that medical pulse oximeters use.

    Instant Heart Rate

    You can view your heart rate readings by keeping your index finger on the mobile’s built-in camera. After completion of recording you can know in which zone you fall. If you’re at safe then no problem but if your heart rate is above the safe zone, it alerts you.

Body Mass Index

  • BMI Calculator – Ideal Weight

    To calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) or Waist-to-height ratio and your ideal weight as to know how much you weigh depending on your height, store BMI Calculator.
    Know your Body Mass Index BMI and Ideal Weight
    Opening the BMI Calculator app, you’ve to enter age, height, weight and those will be processed and details about you BMI and ideal weight are shown on screen. There is another application like the same –

    Ideal Weight (BMI)

    developed by mmapps mobile.

    Ideal Weight BMI

    Using this application which is made with user friendly interface you can know your BMI and check your fitness levels based on whether you are underweight, overweight or just ideal weight.

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