How to Connect Old Analog Video Devices to the Latest USB 2.0 Support PCs

Things never get old and you cant leave them abandon as you may need them at any stage. At-least in emergency when your dearest latest gadgets stop accompanying you due to sudden failure or damage. In such cases you are left with no other option other than reaching your old analog devices – a handycam, a cd player, a old digicam or any other Analog Video device. But the only problem with all these analog devices is their inability to synchronize with your latest USB 2.0 or Firewire pin enabled Personal Computers.

So, in order to effectively make those old analog video devices compatible with your latest computers you need a Analog Video Capture USB 2.0 Adapter.Analog to USB 2.0 Video Capture Adapter connects PC to  TV _DVD_CD player_digicamHowever, a Analog Video Capture USB 2.0 Adapter is also useful to connect your DVD Player, CD player and Digital Setup Boxes by means of a USB port.

Analog Video Capture USB 2.0 Adapter also weighs less on your pockets and is a very useful for those who wants to make their PC more powerful by converting almost any video stuff and simply editing it on their own with the help of the software they get along with the Device. There are many companies that make such Analog Video Capture USB 2.0 Adapters, but two companies you can try for sure are Pinnacle and EasyCap

Pinnacle adapters are a bit expensive and not that advisable if you want it just for normal personal usage whereas EasyCap Analog Video Capture USB2.0 Adapters are very affordable and also comes with a powerful Video Editing software from Ulead.
Product Features:

  1. Can Directly connect any analog video device by means of a A/V cable provided with that device.
  2. Plug and play USB 2.0 interface that support brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation control. It can capture audio without the sound card.
  3. Is compact and has a complete provision for ventilation so that the product can be used for long projects.
  4. Support all possible video formats: DVD+/-R/RW, DVD+/-VR, and DVD-Video. Applying to internet conference / net meeting supports NTSC, PAL Video format.
  5. Device comes along with powerful Video Editing Software, hence can make a your home videos and can give them a professional look by using either movie mode or a analog video capture mode(as per the software given).
  6. No additional power source is required for this model of adapters.

Note: You could buy these Analog Adapters from any online supplier but before ordering them make sure you first check out some quick user reviews about the product and the dealer supplying it. Also don’t forget to look for the accessories provided with the package.

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