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A Maths Dictionary for Kids Quick Reference by Jenny Eather

Math Websites Collection for Students of All Ages

At, I love every opportunity to share educational material and useful websites with others. Fun and engaging educational material is all the more welcome when it comes to subjects that may prove more challenging for some students, such as Mathematics. Previously I had published a post featuring useful Math [Continue Reading…]

Cool Math Websites for Kids

Many children find maths as a difficult subject to understand especially the algebra part of it. This early disinterest created in the minds of the children towards maths is mainly due to the age-old boring teaching techniques that least care about getting students interested in what they are learning so [Continue Reading…]

Properties of Determinants And Some Important Determinants to Remember

Properties of Determinants:- Determinant of a matrix is same as the determinant of its transpose. If two rows or columns of a determinant are interchanged the determinant changes its sign. If the elements of a row (column) of a determinant are multiplied by a constant K, then the determinant will [Continue Reading…]

Inverse of a Matrix

Inverse of a Matrix Suppose A is a given matrix. If there exists a matrix B such that, AB = I = BI then A is said to be an invertible matrix and B is called as inverse of A and is denoted by Note:- If a matrix A posses [Continue Reading…]

Define Adjoint of a Matrix

Adjoint of a Matrix If A is a square matrix then the transpose of a matrix obtained by replacing the elements of A by their co-factors is called the adjoint of a matrix A and is denoted by Adj A. For example, Note If A is a square matrix of [Continue Reading…]