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Inverse of a Matrix

Inverse of a Matrix Suppose A is a given matrix. If there exists a matrix B such that, AB = I = BI then A is said to be an invertible matrix and B is called as inverse of A and is denoted by ...Read More

Define Adjoint of a Matrix

Adjoint of a Matrix If A is a square matrix then the transpose of a matrix obtained by replacing the elements of A by their co-factors is called the adjoint of a matrix A and is denoted by Adj A. For example, Note If ...Read More

Singular and Non-Singular Matrix

A is a square matrix. If |A| = 0 , then A is called singular and if |A| ≠ 0 then A is called as a non-singular matrix. Theorems:- If A is a non-singular matrix then If A is non-singular then A has to ...Read More