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The Google+ Cheat Sheet by Simon Laustsen

RamaRao bobby - 8:01:00 PM
The Google+ is like a Twitter or Facebook hybrid with positive features taken from both and given a Google's trademark punch which gives it a great interface and social media sense that really made sharing on the web feel like sharing in real life.
Welcome to Google+ Project
Google+ Project aims at real-life sharing and a rethought for the web. Go take a tour here for a quick demo of the Google+ Project.

For your quick reference to implement various features and working smart on Google+, here's the cheat sheets provided by Simon Laustsen.
  1. Google+ Cheat Sheet
  2. Google+ Cheat Sheet 2nd Edition
To help adding more shortcuts, tips and tricks you know on Google+, send a message to Simon Laustsen

And guys please feel free to add me to your Circles if you are in Google+... :P


  1. Nice share Bobby :) very useful. Now things will be easy for me.

  2. ive seen this google+ cheat sheet a few times, and love it. thanks alot.

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