Ultimate One-on-one Facebook Style Footer Chat Bar for Your Website

Driving traffic to your site isn’t worth anything unless the visitors spend more time staying at your site, instead of bouncing away. And if you are running a affiliate and merchant websites or a forum, how to keep visitors on your site becomes vital for your success as it can tremendously increase your long term chances of converting visitors into buying customers.

To help you achieve breakthrough success online, I would like to introduce you to CometChat – a one-on-one Facebook style footer chat bar for your website.

CometChat image

Once you get CometChat, you can be assured that your users will spend more time on your site which is a sure sign of trust and solid user base. And more the time one sticks to your site, more is the trust on products you’re gonna promote, and ultimately more will be your chances of making money.

CometChat integrates seamlessly with your website and it boasts some great features such as:

  • 10 CometChat Modules – Announcements Module, Chatrooms Module, Twitter Module, Facebook Fan Page Module, Games Module for 2-Player Games, Home Module, Scroll To Top Module, Share This Page Module to shout out to your friend about the site and Change Theme Module.
  • 7 Basic CometChat Plugins – Chat History Plugin, Chat Time Plugin, Clear Conversation Plugin, Games Plugin, Hand-write a message Plugin, Send a file Plugin and Similes Plugin.
  • Transliterate Plugin that supports 20 languages.
  • Screen Sharing Plugin to allow your users easily share their desktop screen with each other for a presentation or demo.
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  • Save Conversation Plugin that allows you to download entire chat conversations as text files.
  • Audio/Video Chat Plugin that allow you to connect face-to-face and make high quality video conversations.
  • CometService support to have more users online than your server can handle and reduce your server load by 95%

CometChat v2 is now available for download and it costs only $49 (Basic), which is just too low for what this wonderful script offers.

Here is Demo of CometChat in action.

CometChat – a Facebook Style Floating Chat Bar


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