Total Solar Eclipse Visible From Bhopal on 22 July 2009

Total Solar Eclipse of 2009 July 22 that is visible from Bhopal is the only Total Solar Eclipse that can be seen from this place for this entire century.

Here is the list of solar eclipses that are visible from Bhopal, India in this century.
Total Solar Eclipse visible at Bhopal A time followed by “(r)” means the event is already in progress at sunrise, while a time followed by “(s)” means the event is still in progress at sunset. In such cases, the times and circumstances given are for sunrise or sunset, respectively.

As you can see in the table, only on 22 July 2009 the Eclipse type is Total rest being partial.

So, watching this amazing event can be considered as once in a lifetime opportunity for all. And this being the most powerful of all the solar eclipses that occur in this century, strict safety precautions should be taken before viewing it.

Stay on the safer side and enjoy the amazing spectacle!

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