SteriPEN Handheld Water Purifier

Looks like a thermometer? But it’s a genuine water purifier which uses Ultraviolet(UV) to kill virus, bacteria and other germs. SteriPEN+-+Portable+UV+48-Second+Water+Purifier This Portable UV Water Purifier can purify water in just 48 to 90 Seconds. All you have to do is to insert SteriPEN UV emitter in water and it will do the purifying work for you.
Steripen UV Water PurifierAs it is portable and handy, it fits right in your pocket where ever you go. It is designed in such a way that it can be easily used to purify a glass of water, bottle or even a water beaker. Especially useful for those who travel a lot and are susceptible to diseases due to water changes.

It’s the most suitable filter that has even reserved a spot at the Time Magazine’s most creative gadget.

It costs just $69.95

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