Nexus Radio – Your Free Internet Radio Station

Introducing the next generation music radio station, the Nexus Radio Free internet radio station. The Nexus Radio provides you with all in one solution for listening radio and recording your favorite radio content for later playback on your computer or any other Mp3 players.
Nexus Radio - Your Free Internet Radio Station 1
Nexus Radio is the future of all the e-radio tuners. This online radio is loaded with 4000 preloaded radio stations and provides support for thousands more this delivers you with radio content from all the corners of the world.

With Nexus Radio get tuned into any station of any language as the radio provides an easy guide interface by which you can search and access through a large variety of Radio Stations. The guide in the Nexus Radio Internet station is updated on a daily basis and has a major content as compared to XM and Sirius Radio. This easy go internet radio comes with a TiVo features which records your favorite songs or radio shows for later playback. The songs or the radio shows recorded are in the Mp3 format and they are named automatically and tagged with ID3. This makes you easy to transfer the recorded data to your iPOD or other mp3 device.

Dazzle into your beloved tunes as Nexus Radio provides you with an unmatched high quality 5.1 surround sound effects which makes you feel lively. The other prime feature of the Nexus Radio is that it comes with a 32 Bit Digit effects by which you can adjust the sound quality according to the track and your mood. So get tuned with the e-generation Nexus Radio and get an access to over 15 million songs for free!

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