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Bazoocam is a website providing instant messaging services though an audio-visual medium. Bazoocam was created in France and initially aimed at a French audience, using a French interface. Today, the website is translated in English, Italian, Spanish, German and Portuguese.

The idea of Bazoocam is to allow users to randomly video chat with each other, which has already proven to be a successful concept. Users are not required to register, once you have accessed Bazoocam Website, you’re able to start chatting with strangers. Thanks to the geolocation feature enabled, which allows users have the option to get in touch with people coming from their city or region.

In addition to all the new applications that you can find on the website, Bazoocam provides constant real-time moderation, in order to offer secure access to the website, especially for under-18 audience. Moreover, the website contents can be filtered thanks to parental control features and any user who does not comply with the general terms of use will receive a permanent ban, according to website rules.

Bazoocam also presents you an video-chat application which is appreciated by many webmasters. It allows you to copy and paste a mini-site version of Bazoocam on your own website. All the users accessing this chat application on your website will have a default status generated using the following pattern ‘coming from’ and will be clickable, thus offering free advertising for your website.

If you want to add this application, please visit and follow the instructions. To sum up, allows you to:

  • Meet people from your own geographic area.
  • Play bazoocam games likes Connect Four, Tetris, Tic-Tac-Toe online with your chat partner.
  • Access a personal message archive.
  • Exchange clickable links while chatting.
  • Share on Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Modify your status (like on Facebook)
  • Quickly ban perverts and other ill-intentioned persons by reporting any abuse to the website moderators.

But it’s also worth noting that a strong, stable internet connection is vital to ensure a lag-free video chat experience on Bazoocam.

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