Top 5 Luxury Hotels in Goa

It is India’s hottest travel destination, falls on the western coast, holds some grand monumental Portuguese inspired architectural buildings and structures in its hearts, with some extra ordinary scenic beauty, and rugged beaches with crystal clear water flowing on their edges! Anyone can easily make out that I am talking about Goa and its unparalleled beauty and charm!

Top 5 Luxury Hotels in Goa Front View Collage Picture

Top 5 Luxury Hotels in Goa

Goa is that place which makes you fall instantly in love with it, it is that place which compels you to shed all your inhibitions, it is that place which says you to go romantic, it is that place which absorbs all your worries, anxieties and tensions of day to day life, it is that place which refreshes and rejuvenates you unimaginably- once you spend a couple of days there!

So please tell me, can there be a better place than Goa for planning your Christmas holidays and New Year Celebrations? Certainly not; as far as you will limit our options within the boundaries of India!

Anyway, I will like to leave on you but whenever you want to go to Goa then you should be ready with some information about stay in hotels in Goa. If you prefer to stay in a luxury hotel in Goa then it’s too good as below I am going to run down a list of top 5 luxury hotels in Goa. You can think about them whenever you plan your holiday trip to Goa.

1. Aashyana Lakhanpal

Aashyana Lakhanpal - Luxury villas and cottages with private pools and situated in 5 acres of lush tropical gardens on Candolim Beach, Goa.

Aashyana Lakhanpal – Luxury villas and cottages with private pools and situated in 5 acres of lush tropical gardens on Candolim Beach, Goa.

Staying at Aashyana Lakhanpal truly gives you an unforgettable luxury experience. There are two pools in the resort, full of green trees. Far away from the bustling streets, it gives you all the space for privacy. It is most probably one of the best hotels in Goa in terms of hospitality, amenities and staff.

2. Bougainvillea Guest House Goa

Bougainvillea Guest House Goa

Bougainvillea Guest House Goa.
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If you want to spend some quiet lonely moments with your family far away from the crowd then Bougainvillea guest house should be your first choice. It’s perfect for those seeking an intimate and romantic holiday. The services are extremely good, flawless and outstanding. You will find the place to be extremely neat and clean, well maintained at reasonable price.

3. Casa Candolim

Casa Candolim Hotel in Goa Front View

Casa Candolim, a Boutique Hotel in Goa.
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Casa Candolim is one of my recommended hotels in Goa! It is truly an excellent, great and quiet place to stay in Goa. It hardly takes 45 minutes from the airport to reach there. You will find the staff and manager to be extremely cordial and hospitable. They arrange for some delicious breakfast in the morning. The rooms are large, well designed and comfortable. You can choose either for the beach side or pool side rooms, both are very good.

4. Santana Beach Resort

Santana Beach Resort

Santana Beach Resort.
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Santana Beach Resort is very close to the beach. It is one of the friendliest hotels in Goa. You will find the rooms to be very spacious. Clean and always well maintained, the rooms almost appear like a full apartment, with large kitchen, large bedroom, separate living room with all the required elegant furniture! You can also expect for some delicious foods!

5. Whispering Palms Beach Resort

Luxury Hotels in Goa - Whispering Palms Beach Resort

Whispering Palms Beach Resort Goa.

Whispering Palms Beach Resort stands on an excellent location, 150 meters away from the beach from one side and 100 meters away from the main road on another side. It is a perfect place for spending couple of days with your family. You will enjoy its serene atmosphere and always helping cordial staff.

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