Should You Pay for Phone Repair or a New Phone?

Smartphone with a broken screen

If you have had a smartphone with a broken screen, you are in good company. Trying to use a smartphone with a cracked or broken screen is frustrating. Eventually, you will have to decide whether you will get your phone repaired or purchase a new phone.

When Replacing Your Phone Is the Right Choice

Money may be the determining factor. Replacing your smartphone with a new smartphone is almost always more expensive. Still, there are some circumstances where replacing your device could be the best decision.

For example, if you have had your smartphone for five or six years and it is a couple of generations old, then the value of your phone may be less than what it is going to cost for you to fix your screen. You might sell your device with a broken screen and then use that money toward getting a new device. Or you might need a working phone by tomorrow. If so, purchasing an updated smartphone is your only option. However, if your phone is relatively new and if you can wait a couple of days to get it fixed, then replacing a broken screen is probably the best move financially.

When Is Repairing Your Screen the Right Choice?

If the screen on your smartphone needs a small fix, you might be able to restore your phone to its previous glory with little expense. A relatively inexpensive screen repair could mean that your device will work for months. You are able to hold onto the device that you have while new technology is being created and released.

For example, new smartphone technology is released on the market every nine months. This means better hardware, better features, and a faster-functioning phone. When you are ready to purchase a new phone, you will have the latest technology for at least six to nine months.

Environmental Reasons

Visit a shop for iPhone repair in Houston or wherever you live to get your iPhone repaired instead of purchasing a new phone. This can have a positive effect on the environment. Manufacturing new phones produce a lot of carbon dioxide. Additionally, many of the materials used in manufacturing phones are rare materials found only in certain parts of the world.

The deposits of these materials are getting lower and lower every single day. Your current phone will likely end up in the trash and never be recycled. Holding onto your phone a little bit longer and getting it repaired is environmentally sound.

Use Your Warranty

Most companies sell their smartphones with a warranty. If your phone is relatively new and it gets damaged, check and see what the warranty situation is. You might get your phone repaired or replaced without having to spend a dime. Each company has conditions for replacing or repairing devices, so you need to become familiar with them.

Get the Highest Value Out Of Your Phone

Don’t just replace your old phone with a new one. Ask yourself, have you gotten the most value out of your phone? Some models of smartphones cost more than $1,000. You want to make sure that you use your phone enough to make that sizable investment worthwhile. When it comes time to purchase a new phone, do your research to ensure that the device you eventually buy is worth the cost.

What Will You Decide?

If you are like most people, your phone is your life. It’s where you store memories via photographs and where you store contacts of friends and family members. You deserve to have a phone that works its best. But consider the pros and cons when deciding to repair or replace a damaged phone.

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