3 Sports Betting Apps That Put An Emphasis On User Experience

When you factor in the outrageously high number of sports betting apps that are out there now, it makes complete sense as to why newcomers struggle to settle on any one app.

As you’d expect, different apps prioritise different aspects of their service, and almost all of the aforementioned apps do something that sets them apart from the crowd. One of the most popular ways some companies do this is through user experience.

We all know why user experience is important, and finding an app that puts the focal point on this all-too-forgotten aspect of app design is paramount for long term use.

Let’s dive in and take a look at three sports betting apps that put an emphasis on user experience.

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10CRIC is one of the most in-demand platforms at the moment, and there is good reason why. 10CRIC is somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades, with them being able to offer pretty much everything you could want from a sports betting app.

They have an easy-to-use interface, a great selection of betting sports to choose from, and a variety of bonuses/extras for people who want to go that extra mile.

In addition to their sports betting, something that really sets 10CRIC apart from the rest is the fact that they also offer an online casino alongside their sports betting.

Moreover, both of these amenities are fully-fledged and could be separate entities in their own right.

Both of the services they offer are primarily known for the extensive number of options they give their users, with them allowing users to pick from a diverse range of betting sports that is unmatched by most other sites whilst also offering an obscene number of games on their online casino.

10CRIC is perfect for those of you that are just looking for an all-around entertainment app, and there are thousands of hours of entertainment waiting ahead of you if you decide to give them a shot.

As the cherry on top, since the IPL is going on as we speak, 10CRIC is one of the few platforms that offers people the chance to get in on some IPL action.

If this is something you want, feel free to click here; Bet on IPL with 10CRIC mobile app.


DraftKings is one of the most well-known betting apps out there.

DraftKings has been around for years now, and the number of people that choose to log in to their sports betting app every day to check out the latest and greatest offers is truly mind-boggling.

Moreover, not only are they extremely popular, but they are also viewed incredibly positive by the general public.

Just take a look at any DraftKings review and you will quickly notice just how beloved they are by anyone that reviews them, and the amount of praise they get for being an excellent betting site is truly inspiring.

DraftKings is a through-and-through betting site. If you are looking to bet on the most popular mainstream sports, then this will be a perfect fit for you.

However, there are a few potential issues that DraftKings faces, and that is mainly due to its business model that caters to the most mainstream of audiences.

This means that they only usually allow their users to bet on mainstream sports and events, and while this may be fine for the vast majority of people, it’s not going to be for everyone.

If you have a relatively niche taste and want access to sports that are out of the mainstream eye or just want a diverse range of sports to choose from, DraftKings probably isn’t going to be the right app for you.

Saying this, DraftKings is still an exceptional betting app that has unprecedented levels of popularity, and if you are just looking to get in on sports betting at its most basic level while still receiving exceptional service, you may want to give them a try.


Similar to DraftKings, Betway is also well-known within the sports betting community for being one of the most beloved apps out there.

Betway is one of the oldest betting services, and they have had years upon years to craft and hone their service to perfection.

Betway also takes a similar business approach as DraftKings, meaning that they opt to cater to the widest audience available by offering only the most popular and most in-demand sports.

This means that Betway is another incredible alternative for those of you who are only interested in the most popular of sports and have no need to have access to a wider selection, and if this is the case, this would be an amazing pick.

However, like DraftKings, this also means that they suffer from a lack of diversity, and you would more than likely not be able to find yourself being accommodated if you would like to bet on a sport that is not as well known.

Although, if this is not a problem for you, then Betway is one of your best options out there.

They have had much more time than most to carefully curate the perfect betting platform, and you can truly tell they have put an obscene amount of effort into making sure their users have the best experience possible.

If you choose to go with any of the options we mentioned throughout this article, you will be in amazing hands. It is somewhat of a rarity to see a betting app that decides to put an emphasis on user experience, and as is the case with most apps, they usually end up making their users settle for “usable” at best.

However, user experience really does make the difference between an average app and a good app, and if more companies were to realise how important it was, it is likely that this would soon become a priority for all.

Have fun.

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